Helpful Websites

This is a list of outstanding online publishing and news resources for authors. If looking through this list is the only thing you do while visiting The Independent Publishing Magazine, then you won’t go too far wrong.




  1. K. S. Brooks said:

    Dear Independent Publishing Magazine,
    I’m the admin over at, and we would truly appreciate it if you would add our site to this list. Please stop on over and check us out, or feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
    All the Best,
    K. S. “Kat” Brooks, Admininistrator

  2. Janys Hyde said:

    Dear Sirs
    Like the previous commenter, I too would appreciate being listed on your set of sites.
    I collect various resources for writers and add them to
    You will find your own magazine listed under Resources > web sites.
    If a listing is possible, my thanks in anticipation. I will not remove your own link on my site whatever the outcome — unless you make a specific request for me to do so of course.
    Venice, Italy