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Self-Publishing Services: Horses of a different colour?

While catching up with the publishing news today after being away for a few days, I came across two separate articles about two very different kinds of author solutions services. From the perspective of an author wanting to self-publish, this is very much a case of horses of a different colour. Michael N. Marcus examines


Bowker Releases Preliminary 2010 Annual Books in Production Report (PDF link included)

R. R. Bowker today released preliminary figures for book production during 2010 based on their Books in Print database. Traditionally produced books rose by 5% while non-traditionally produced books rose by an astonishing 169%. Be aware that the non-traditional sector is made up by a vast majority of print on demand publishers issuing public domain titles. This


Abbott Press – Reviewed

Abbott Press is an imprint owned and run by Author Solutions Incorporated. Abbott Press was originally launched in January 2011 in a partnership between Writers’ Digest and Author Solutions. I made a brief mention of the newly formed partnership and press release here. Back then, the launch was greeted with a mixed reception much in the way WestBow


Xlibris Launch Writing Coaches Service

Xlibris Publishing has launched Xlibris Writing Coaches – a new publishing service aimed at mentoring and aiding self-publishing authors through the creation of a manuscript from conception through to completion and book design. From the press release: This newly added publishing service will bring the author to a step-by-step process of creating a book from


The Author’s Chair: Cedric Cross – Interviewed

[In the first of a new feature on POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing, The Author’s Chair is filled by Cedric Cross, who has just self-published his first novel, The Black Eagle, this week. Cedric has recently been writing about his experiences of self-publishing here on the site.] [MICK] Can you remember the first book you


Bowker Statistics 2009: Non-traditional Means Now The Majority Path For Authors

The latest 2009 statistical report released by R.R. Bowker today is a real eye-opener. The total amount of titles produced last year was 1,052,803, and significantly, 764,448 of that overall figure came from what Bowker describe as non-traditional channels – a mix of micro-publishers, self-publishers and reprints of public domain titles. In simple terms, 2010