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Writing and Reading for Pleasure: September | Douglas Burcham

Writing and Reading for Pleasure: September | Douglas Burcham

Douglas continues his Writing & Reading for Pleasure series with updates about his writing progress, a follow up on his last two posts, and some current news commentary.    Trilogy Writing My first thought for consideration for a post on writing trilogies came from reading earlier this year the Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker and The


Wattpad Partners with Sourcebooks

Toronto-based Wattpad, one of the largest reading and writing communities in the world, continues to forge links with traditional publishers. Earlier this month Wattpad teamed up with romance publisher Harlequin for the 2015 So You Think You Can Write (SYTYCW) contest.  And for the second time in two years it has partnered with USA independent publisher Sourcebooks. Previously, in


You Want To Publish Your Book – Where to Start? A Step-by-Step Guide | Jessica Millis | Guest Post

It’s said that ‘everyone has one good book in them’ but before there was an Internet and self-publishing, there were publishers, who were rightly selective about the books they published and would need a lot of convincing before they’d publish any book let alone your book. After all, if they guessed wrong they lost a


Writing and Reading for Pleasure: Can You Teach Yourself to Write? | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his writing and reading for pleasure posts by posing the question — can you teach yourself to write?   Monday 1st June 2015 is the five-year anniversary of my frightening dream in the early hours in France when I started to write.  I will open a bottle of Clairette de Die to