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The Radiance of Banality: Predatory Publishers in the UK (Part One) – Henry Coburn | Guest Post

The Radiance of Banality: Predatory Publishers in the UK (Part One) – Henry Coburn | Guest Post

A gonzo voyage through the ferocious realm of predatory ‘hybrid’ publishers and their mutant product.   It is difficult, and probably unnecessary, to describe the existential panic that descends on you once you are cast loose from university to fend for yourself in the adult world. In my case, the general misery that descends with


Self-Publishing and the Internet: New Views on Modern Publishing – Cheryl L. Kennedy | Guest Post

The world of publishing is complex and varied; between vanity publishing and commercial publishing, the tradition of publishing in modern times has no choice but to change with addition and evolution of technology. Hopeful writers have often found themselves sitting under a pile of rejection slips from commercial publishers who do not identify their writing


Guest Post: Appearances Can Be Deceptive – Vincent Flannery

The word appearance has two meanings: one literally means to appear; the other describes what something looks like. Let’s talk about the first meaning, which is the first thing a writer thinks about: how am I going to get this book to readers?Most writers will have gone through the arduous task of sending work out


A Few Tips From A Former Vanity Insider | Publishing Basics

It is not too often we get to hear the considered thoughts of an insider from the vanity press industry. Phil Whitmarsh is a Book Coach and he spent several years working for one of the biggest self-publishing service providers in the industry—an imprint of ASI (Author Solutions Inc). Mind you, he is the first to


How To Avoid The Vanity Publishing Trap

Over the weekend TIPM received an email from an author expressing frustration with trying to navigate the minefield of submission while trying to secure a home for his/her manuscript with a reputable publisher. The email went something along the lines of: “I have read your description of XXXXXXX [publisher name redacted] as a vanity publisher. Can you advise me how to


Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie – Reviewed

Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie is a UK-based publisher with a registered company address in Castle Park, Cambridge. I’ll leave it to Pegasus to describe their publishing business: “Over the last decade, the publishing house of Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Ltd has flowered, growing strongly from its well-established roots in the cobbled streets of Cambridge. The well-loved and


10 Biggest Predictions for the Future of Book Publishing

10 Biggest Predictions for the Future of Book Publishing “Obviously, predictions should be taken as just that. Just because some educated experts formulate projections based on trends and observations doesn’t necessarily mean they will come to pass. Nor does it mean that if they do prove real, everything ends up exactly as stated within a specific time


PW: Lamb Aiming For a New Vantage Point

Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly (print edition) talks to David Lamb, owner of Vantage Press (POD Index, 230.65), one of the oldest vanity presses in the USA, about the company’s plans next spring to launch Vantage Point, a no-fee imprint for mid-list authors. Back in its heyday, Vantage Press ruled the self-publishing (then known as vanity


The New Yorker’s Book Bench pick up on Leo Hunter news story

The New Yorker’s ‘Book Bench’ has now picked up on the Leo Hunter, age 6, 23 book deal story this morning by including a brief news snippet, but instead, linking to the Galleycat report on Friday, which was at least one of the few to go back and revise their original report. But you would


Me and My Best Friend: When Publishing Goes Bad

For me, there has only been one story in publishing over the past few days, and it is this one, about Leo Hunter, six years of age, signing a 23 book deal with a US publisher. I didn’t get the chance to dig deep enough when the story first broke (supposedly) when I posted about