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Aquarius Communications Publishing Launched

Aquarius Communications Publishing Launched

For followers of this site, some of you may remember me referring to my own publishing imprint which I used to publish my first five books, Arcadia, The Eternal, Hybrid, Thais and Oceanic. The imprint is something I’m very passionate about and over the past few months I have been planning a number of projects

Bertrams Book Wholesaler Steadies Its Feet

With the administration of Woolworth’s high street stores and entertainment product supplier EUK this week, uk book wholesaler Bertrams insist that their financial stability remains wholly separate and business will continue. While this may be the case, and it remains to be seen what will happen the Woolworth retail high street outlets and entertainment supplier

Filigree & Shadow – Now Available – November 2008

Filigree & Shadow is now published and available for purchase in hardback, paperback and download from Lulu.com at my storefront. The link is to the right of this article. It should start appearing across all channels over the next few weeks in time for the Christmas market. Things have really been tight and busy over

Google Book Search Settlement Agreement

Google have finally settled their lawsuit with a group of authors and publishers. Below is the full statement released. Today, Google and the group of authors and publishers who were plaintiffs in the US Google Book Search lawsuits announced a groundbreaking settlement agreement. This settlement, on behalf of a broad class of copyright holders, opens


We have grown used to POD Subsidy and POD self-publishing over the past 15 years. Well, now a company called MagCloud are offering a print-on-demand service at no set-up charge. Purchase costs on each magazine are set at 20 US cent per page for submitted PDF files. This is the first time I have come

Paulo Coelho’s Experiment in Film-Making

Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is conducting an interesting experiment in film-making on his My Space website at the moment. Coelho decided to make his first feature length film using short original film and music soundtrack submissions to his website. The film is based on his most recently published work ‘The Witch of Portobello’. From June

Academy by Mick Rooney – June 2008

I began writing Academy around 1992, at a time when we had witnessed the collapse of the Berlin wall, and the map of Europe was steadily changing. New political tyrants and despots emerged in the final decade of the twentieth century who very quickly reminded of us of previous troubled scars. My intention was never

HMS PODdy Mouth Sinks at Sea!

So the shutters seem to be finally pulled down for good on Blogger PODdy Mouth. The POD bloggers ‘Sex in the City’ blogspot was deleted by the author following yesterdays posting by Angela Hoy in WritersWeekly. http://www.writersweekly.com It seems Angela feels she has been blacklisted by PODdy and her comment replies to blog articles have

Welcome to the blogspot

Hi, and welcome to my blogspot. I hope you will enjoy the journey. I have been writing fiction for more than twenty years and have self-published five books of fiction. My last book, Oceanic, was published way back in 2001. It seems so long ago! This year, though, Raider International Publishers will be publishing my