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Writing and Reading for Pleasure: January | Douglas Burcham

Writing and Reading for Pleasure: January | Douglas Burcham

Douglas continues his writing and reading for pleasure series with some thoughts for January on writing progress and structure, 2015 reading and publishing.   I set out in June 2015 to complete a full self-edit and restructuring of my 300k word Gemini storybook by the end of 2015. Alas, I have failed because I have


Amazon Is The Reader’s Friend | Intelligence Squared Debate [VIDEO]

In late 2014, Amazon and the publishing house Hachette settled a months-long dispute over who should set the price for e-books. In Amazon’s view, lower prices mean more sales and more readers, and that benefits everyone. But for publishers, the price of an e-book must reflect the investment made, from the author’s advance to a


Publishing, Today and Tomorrow: A Short Film | Authoright

This is a short film made by publicity and marketing company Authoright  on the business of books and the future for authors, both traditional and self-published authors. The book industry is experiencing great change and Authoright brought together thoughtful contributions from Faber and Faber, Matador, Curtis Brown, The Bookseller magazine, and author Polly Courtney.


HarperCollins Direct Sales Initiative: Is it Reactive or Proactive?

Last week big 5 publisher HarperCollins launched a new e-commerce initiative with the intention of encouraging its authors to direct sell their print books, e-books and audio books using an affiliated link to its new direct sales website. The new website is a great deal more refreshing than its older corporate orientated site and the


The 12 Publishing Shakers You Should Be Following

TIPM has compiled a list of influential people authors should be following in the world of all things publishing. No introductions. Here we go from 12 to 1, with some commentary. This is no way comprehensive. By all means add your favourite shaker to visit for essential information as a savvy author in the comments.   12. Jane


Digital Minds Conference | Hybrid and Author-Publishers (VIDEO)

The London Book Fair organisers have made much of the Digital Minds Conference sessions available on their YouTube channel. I’ve selected one of my highlight sessions on Hybrid and Author-Publishing, featuring Director of Author & Publisher relations at Amazon, Jon Fine, and indie and hybrid best-selling author, Hugh Howey, and Orna Ross, indie author, founder and Director


Self-Publishing Round Table | Transitioning From Traditional to Self-Publishing

The Self-Publishing Roundtable started out as a joke between five strangers on Twitter. It’s one of a few excellent video podcast resources along with Self-Publishing Podcast 101 and a must-visit point for independent authors exploring the world of self-publishing, whether you are a seasoned author or on the first step of your writing journey. We enjoyed commenting