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Or Books – New, OR Kind of New?

Or Books – New, OR Kind of New?

This promotional snippet is doing the rounds at the moment. Featuring Colin Robinson and John Oakes who will soon be launching OR Books, billed as an ‘alternative publisher’. Like many who have viewed and hosted this promotional video on their websites, I’m all for alternatives to traditional publishing, whether that is out and out Self

No Advance or Be Damned – Part 2

“Jeeves. There’s a strange gentlemen at the door suggesting publishers should stop giving authors advances.” “Wooster! How ridiculous. The idea is simply preposterous! Send him away and finish preparing my Eggs Benedict and ironing my morning newspaper.” “Actually, Jeeves, I found the idea rather novel and somewhat intriguing. So much so—I’ve invited the gentleman into

the-nation-logo – The Long Goodbye?

Here is a pretty meaty and worthwhile article entitled, The Long Goodbye? The Book Business and its Woes by Elisabeth Sifton, writing for last week. “Humanity has read, hoarded, discarded and demanded books for centuries; for centuries books have been intimately woven into our sense of ourselves, into the means by which we find


The Publetariat Vault – Launching Summer 2009

From the Publetariat website comes the following; “In an effort to attract publisher attention, you’ve got a fine-looking, well-reviewed, respectably-selling book in print, and you’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into your author platform as well. Unfortunately, publishers haven’t noticed. If there were a service designed to facilitate publisher searches of indie


Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 3 or (Sheila, Take A Bow)

A comment from Sheila851 was left on yesterdays Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 2 and it was extremely thought provoking and I think very much encapsulates how self published authors feel about ‘standard’ publishing and why so many are more than cheerful to pursue self-publishing despite its stigmas and challenges for authors. Here