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Gottlieb on Re-Engineering The Role of Literary Agents | DBW Video

Gottlieb on Re-Engineering The Role of Literary Agents | DBW Video

Since large corporations [publishers] took them over and are expecting a much higher profit margin for the sale of the book, so the matrix has been changing…As agents we’re impacted by what happens in the publisher acquisition and retail space, no matter what our own ethos is and no matter what we like to do


Alice Munro Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature 2013

The Canadian author Alice Munro has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature. You can hear the announcement on the live video stream below. The Nobel committee described Munro as a “master of the contemporary short story”. (Wikipedia Entry) Alice Ann Munro (born 10 July 1931) is a Canadian author. The recipient of the 2013


Bloomsbury UK Launch Self-Publishing Service Database

Bloomsbury Publishing UK has launched a resource and service comparison database for self-published authors. The new database is part of Bloomsbury’s Writers’ & Artists’ website, a part of the yearbook brand, which provides information, articles and resources for writers, and reflects a growing shift in the UK publisher market towards service-driven companies.   Speaking to


Honey, I Turned the Penguin into a Partridge!

Penguin Books continues its global expansion into the global self-publishing service sector in partnership with Author Solutions (ASI). Pearson, owners of Penguin Books, bought the giant self-publishing service provider last year for $116 million from Bertram Capital. Just recently Penguin Books revamped and relaunched its own self-publishing imprint, Book Country, courtesy of ASI’s technical development