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Amazon Release Statement on Hachette Dispute (UPDATED)

Amazon Release Statement on Hachette Dispute (UPDATED)

Amazon has made its first formal statement on the current dispute with big-five publisher Hachette. The statement was posted to its Kindle Forum Discussions yesterday. Before we take a look at that Amazon statement, you might be asking a very fair and obvious question: What’s all this nonsense about? I just want to read great


The War Is Over | Eoin Purcell: Why Traditional Publishers Should Surrender To Self Publishing

I’ve pretty much kept my head and opinions out of the roaring debate on Hugh Howey’s Author Earnings reports published on his website over the past couple of weeks, and the ensuing, spewing and almost never-ending posts from all sides. I like debate, even when it gets heated, but much of what I have read is nothing


Jeff and all the hamsters are doing just fine, FutureBook!

The old saying goes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Jeff Bezos and hamsters – it’s a brilliant headline for any publishing news outlet to use to capture any reader’s attention. This week The Bookseller published an excellent article by Chris McVeigh via FutureBook, Jeff Bezos Ate My Hamster. McVeigh begins his article by noting


The Future of Publishing 2020: A Program for Publishers and Self-Publishers (Part 2)

In January this year, as part of my series of articles on The Future of Publishing 2020, I finished with A Program for Publishers and Self-Publishers – Part 1. I looked at the role of self-publishing, its development and shift (or acceptance if you will) into the world of mainstream publishing, specifically through new imprints


Just The Job | Dalkey Archive Press

The Dalkey Archive Press is a small but well-respected publisher of contemporary and experimental literature, founded in 1984, with offices in Champaign, London and Dublin. It specialises in literature in translation and boasts a formidable list of writers, including: Huxley, Barthelme, Djuna Barnes, Robbe-Grillet, Fuentes and Nicholas Mosley. If you are in any way interested in