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101 Best Websites for Writers | Writer’s Digest

101 Best Websites for Writers | Writer’s Digest

The Independent Publishing Magazine has been honoured as one of Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers in the May/June edition of their magazine. This is the third year in a row TIPM has made the list and of course we are delighted to hear about the continued recognition and support from our readers and subscribers. For the last 17


TIPM Weekly Brief: Vanishing Books and Sales, and The State of Your Book

Books Online: Now you see them – now you don’t! Perhaps the biggest news in recent days was the decision by UK retailer to initially remove all Kobo e-books from their online bookstore. The decision was made following complaints last week to WH Smith about the content of ‘unacceptable titles’ which contravened guidelines of the self-publishing


TIPM Morning Brief: Friday, September 27th – Heroes, Villians and Statistics

It’s another packed brief of stories making the publishing news headlines over the past few days. Alas, once again the self and mainstream communities of the publishing industry are still fixated on creating heroes and villains in equal measure. The publishing industry has an innate knack of exploring extremities, finger-pointing and looking for scapegoats while deftly ignoring


TIPM Morning Brief: Thursday, September 12th

Here is this morning’s news from the publishing and self-publishing world.   Publishers Weekly bi-monthly trade edition for self-published authors, PW Select, will now be published on a monthly basis. Post by Mick Rooney. Lulu, one of the biggest DIY self-publishing service companies, has expanded its array of free templates for authors. Post by Mick