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Subtlety, Hay House Publishing and The Arrival of Balboa Press

Subtlety, Hay House Publishing and The Arrival of Balboa Press

Sometimes things get lost in the translation. We apply our own expected template on what we perceive we are seeing. Dig deeper, and the subtleness under the surface can reveal the real changes and message being communicated. There will be some debate about Hay House Publishing and their partnership with Author Solutions (ASI) to create


Time For Independents To Take To The Stage

We have been reviewing author solutions services, printers and new innovators in the world of publishing for some time on POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing. Over the past two and a half years we have looked at 400+ companies, from printers to innovative publishers employing new models of publishing. The development of this site has


2009: The Year That Was (Sept – Dec)

SEPTEMBER Bob Miller, President of HarperStudio, shared some pertinent views in September on the future of publishing with on how he saw the need for the relationship between publisher and author to become more of a partnership of commitment. […]”I believe that publishers and authors should be equal partners, sharing profits fifty-fifty, as we


ASI CEO Responds To Harlequin/Thomas Nelson Paid-Publishing Debate With Statement

Author Solutions CEO and president, Kevin Weiss, has today formally responded with a press statement and video address about the current debate on Harlequin and Thomas Nelson to launch self-publishing partnerships with ASI to provide paid-publishing services for authors. Here is the full text of the press release. Bloomington, Ind. (PRWEB) December 7, 2009 —


Time Ladies And Gentlemen To Move On or Be Damned

We really have reached a time to find a way forward in publishing to deal with the existence of self-publishing and paid-publishing services. The debate is quickly becoming entrenched in morals, standpoints, labels and some very foolish rhetoric. “MWA does not object to Harlequin operating a pay-to-publish program or other for-pay services. The problem is


Harlequin & Thomas Nelson: Harlots Of The New Publishing Industry?

Today’s announcement by Harlequin, a division of Toronto-based Torstar Corporation and one of the USA’s top romance genre publishers, to launch their paid-publishing imprint, Harlequin Horizons, follows on from last week’s announcement of their partnership with leading self-publishing service provider, Author Solutions Inc, to launch a digital-only publishing imprint, Carina Press. Today’s news of Harlequin’s

Harlequin Announce Full-Scale Paid-Publishing Program With ASI

Harlequin have announced the launch of a full-scale paid-publishing venture in partnership with Author Solutions. This is hot on the heels of Harlequin’s new e-book imprint, Carina Press, announced last week, and will be run by Author Solutions. The new paid-publishing venture will be called Harlequin Horizons. This looks like a very similar move to Thomas


Thomas Nelson – Publishing Intrigue & Afterthoughts

The decision this week by American trade publisher Thomas Nelson to launch their own imprint offering authors self-publishing packages has certainly captured the blogosphere, if not the whole of the publishing industry. Add to this the intriguing caveat that Author Solutions will run the design, print and distribution end of WestBow Press for Thomas Nelson.