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Publishing Horizons: An Overview of Independent Publishing in the Netherlands

Mijnbestseller (My Bestseller) could be called the Dutch Lulu, with no upfront costs and 50% profits, and with a Lulu-like user dashboard, community and book reviews are at the forefront of Mijnbestseller’s program. What is striking on their main webpage is the request for book reviewers as much as authors looking to circumvent the traditional channels


Writers’ Workshop UK | Aspiring Novelists Predict A Tough Future

From the Press Release:   In the new order of easy self-publishing, the results of a poll of aspiring novelists by leading literary consultancy, The Writers’ Workshop may come as a surprise. Aspiring novelists predict the toughest times ahead for themselves and for booksellers but expect publishers both big and small to be able to


Newstalk Radio: Down To Business with Bobby Kerr | Writing And Publishing

Like all features on writing and getting your book published, Bobby Kerr‘s Down To Business on Newstalk Radio (Ireland) on Sunday morning never really broke through the surface of writing and publishing. The ten minute feature included writing guests, Sheila O’Flanagan (novelist), Marita Conlon-McKenna (Children’s author with O’Brien Press) and David Jones from The Book


Lulu Blog | (Not) Getting Your Book on a Retail Shelf…and the Big ‘E’ RA-RA

Lulu Blog » (Not) Getting Your Book on a Retail Shelf This is always the kind of blog post put out by self-publishing services that irks me. The below piece is from today’s Lulu blog. “I believe that one of the biggest mistakes in any marketing endeavor is not defining a clear goal. It’s easy


Digital Book World | HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray Interview

In this exclusive interview from Digital Book World, Brian Murray, CEO of HarperCollins, discusses the thinking about books beyond their print containers, return on investment and keeping up with the pace of innovation, and the HarperCollins’s 26-lend policy for ebooks in libraries. Read more at HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray Interview on Library Ebooks |