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UK Author Advances Slump To New Low

UK Author Advances Slump To New Low

There is a piece today in the about the monetary decline in advances paid to authors by UK publishers for literary fiction. The article reports that some advances have actually dropped as low as £500, with £1,000 to £2,000 being the common marker. According to one quoted publisher, we are a long way from


Eason Withdraws Wage Cut Plans For Staff

According to an item in today’s, Eason have withdrawn their threat to pursue a 12.5% wage cut from their 1500 employees. Staff and unions are still pressing for Eason management to reinstate the Christmas bonus which was withdrawn for this year. The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media


The Espresso Book Machine – Poetry in Motion

Felicity Woods, editorial assistant at the has written a nice piece today about witnessing the Espresso Book Machine up close and personal at Blackwell’s London book store. “Up close and personal it is as if the Gutenberg Press met with Willy Wonka, and the chocolatier come out on top.” You can read Felicity’s full

Borders; To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve been talking in a number of articles recently about the downturn in publishing, and it seems not a day goes by that we don’t hear about another major publisher making cutbacks and laying off staff. Here are the latest publishing news layoffs as reported by Earlier this week, Morris Rosenthal on his