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Hachette UK to set e-book prices from Monday |

Hachette UK to set e-book prices from Monday |

Hachette UK to set e-book prices from Monday | “Hachette UK will begin setting e-book prices on retailers’ websites from Monday after indicating this week that it will move to agency terms with every “reseller, including Amazon and Apple” from 20th September.” Related articles by Zemanta Connecticut AG probes Apple, Amazon over e-books (


Apex acquires Daffy book for cricket fans |

Apex Publishing (POD Index 198.08), a traditional and partnership publishing service, has acquired world rights to the autobiography of England cricketer Phillip DeFreitas. (source via, The Bookseller)  “Apex Publishing has acquired world rights to the autobiography of former England cricketer Phillip ‘Daffy’ DeFreitas.The deal was done through ghost writer Derek Clements and DeFreitas’ agents Champions UK


HarperCollins CEO Condemns Wylie Agency

The Bookseller is reporting this morning that HarperCollins is the latest large publishing house to voice its opposition to moves by the Wylie Agency to lauch a digital publishing imprint. The Bookseller piece quotes HarperCollins CEO, Victoria Barnsley: “HC will vigorously protect its rights and our authors’ interests by ensuring their work gets to the broadest possible audience.


Dear Publisher, did you see my tweet?

The strength of Twitter as a focus network has really started to come into its own this week in the general publishing and writing worlds. Yesterday, FutureBook, a digital blog association with The Bookseller, explained the significance of the Twitter hashtag, #dearpublisher, which has now seen the emergence of further hashtags like #dearbookseller, #dearauthor and #dearreader.


Global Giants Bring Different Strategies to Publishing World: Book Industry Conference 2010

There is some fascinating analysis by Benedict Evans of media research company Enders Analysis presented at this week’s Booksellers Association Book Industry Conference in London. Essentially, Evans argues global companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are not book publishers and the book industry must understand clearly the approaches and strategies of these companies. Evans describes

The Continues Their Look At 2010 and Beyond

This is part two of look at publishing and the book industry in 2010 and beyond. Today’s feature includes the views of Tim Godfray, CEO of the Booksellers Association, Michael Neil, MD of Bertrams, Tim Coates, library campaigner and Roy Clare, CEO of Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. Part one is here. The Independent

The Talks to The UK’s Top Publishing CEO’s

Today in, the CEO’s of the UK’s top publishing houses reflect on the current state of book publishing, the development and impact of digital books, and what their own predictions are in 2010 and beyond. This is part one of an interview did with Peter Field of Penguin, Victoria Barnsley of HarperCollins and Gail Rebuck of