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Publishing Service Index: January 2015

Publishing Service Index: January 2015

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for January 2015. We are a little late in presenting the latest ratings and it should be noted that it does not include the most recent review updates for Wingspan Press and Matador. The index also does not reflect the closure of DellArte Press this month (February). It does reflect some


Wingspan Press – Reviewed (Updated, Feb 2015)

Wingspan Press is a self-publishing service provider based in Livermore, Northern California, just a few miles shy of San Francisco. The company was formed around a group of frustrated writers tired of the commercial, sales-driven publishing world and the ‘agent/publisher loop.’ Wingspan Press places a strong emphasis on quality and customer service and a desire


Authoright – Reviewed

Authoright provides advice and various self-publishing and publicity services for authors. Founded by author Gareth Howard and journalist Hayley Radford in 2007, Authoright has offices in London and New York. The company’s ethos is to “empower and inspire” authors whilst helping them get their books published and out to readers. Authoright has worked with over


Draft2Digital – Reviewed

Draft2Digital (D2D) is an Oklahoma-based digital publishing aggregator providing conversion and distribution services for authors. The company was founded in 2012 and currently Kris Austin is co-owner and CEO. D2D is one of the more recent arrivals to the self-publishing service field and from some of the feedback I’ve had over the past year, it’s


Publishing Service Index: December 2014

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for December 2014. It is of course the last one this year. It reflects some review updates and author feedback over the past eight weeks. The most significant change is that Amazon KDP has slipped to third and also reflects the growing discontent self-published authors have with the introduction of Amazon Unlimited and recent communications


Wheatmark Publishing – Reviewed

Wheatmark Publishing is a service company based in Tuscon, Arizona and was founded in 1999 by Sam Henrie, a publishing entrepreneur. Henrie’s goal was to provide independent authors with a viable alternative to the traditional publishing route. He set about combining new advances in digital print technology and Internet-based distribution channels with the expertise of


Dorrance Publishing – Reviewed

Dorrance Publishing is a provider of self-publishing services for authors and the company was founded by Gordon Dorrance in 1920. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, the company can now be considered the oldest existing provider of self-publishing services since the demise of Vantage Press in 2012. These services include book production, promotion,

Review_Telemachus _5

Telemachus Press – Reviewed

Telemachus Press describes itself as a ‘work for hire’ author services publishing company. Based in Florida, USA, the company was founded in 2009 by Claudia Jackson, a computer consultant and trainer, and husband Steven H. Jackson, a management and technology consultant and author. The company operates on some basic publishing services principles I can certainly


eBookIt – Reviewed

eBookIt is a conversion and distribution platform for publishers and independent authors founded by business man and author Robert (Bo) Bennett in January, 2011. Based in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the company has more than 3500 titles listed with major retailers and is one of several web properties under Archieboy Holdings LLC(Bennett’s original company formed in 2001).


Self-Publishing in the United States 2008-13 | Report Analysis

Bowker is the leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions for the publishing industry in the USA. Earlier this month Bowker released a detailed six-page report on self-publishing. The data presented in the report is based on counts of ISBNs registered in Bowker’s Books in Print database and published or distributed in the United States. The report,