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Publish Green – Reviewed

Publish Green – Reviewed

Publish Green is the e-book publishing division of Hillcrest Media Group, based in Minneapolis, USA. Launched in 2011, it provides a full range of e-book services, from file conversion, formatting, editing, distribution, marketing and custom web design to authors (both self and traditionally published) and small presses. Our patent-pending eBook formatting techniques are unique to


Kobo Writing Life – Reviewed

Founded in December 2009, Toronto-based Kobo has emerged in the last two years as a global DIY self-publishing platform and e-bookstore, as well as producing its own range of e-reader devices. Originally owned by Indigo Books & Music, Japanese corporation Rakuten bought a controlling, majority stake in the company in 2012. The company’s name is


Smashwords: The Little Engine That Could

Smashwords, the e-book distributor and self-publishing platform, continues to expand its global reach with new retail partners, as well as subscription services and library channels. The company has already added Overdrive, the world’s largest library e-book platform and subscription services Oyster (last September) and Scribd (in February). Here is another deal inked with txtr.com, a Germany e-retailer and reading


Publishing Service Index | June 2014

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for June 2014. This update reflects some review updates and author feedback over the past six weeks. CreateSpace and Amazon KDP once again swap places at the top. We recently reported some increased distribution options for Blurb authors (including Amazon Kindle and Ingram print and e-book). If there is positive feedback from authors over the coming weeks


Bookbaby – Reviewed

Bookbaby describes itself as ‘a team of authors, poets, bloggers, and artists’ providing an e-book distribution network and offering publishing services to authors not looking to  sell-out to ‘big publishing.’ Founded in 2011 and based in Oregon, USA, Bookbaby is a brand of the AVL Digital Group, which is a manufacturer and distributor of optical


Publishing Service Index – March 2014 (Exclusive Undisclosed Data to Follow)

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for March 2014. This update reflects some review updates and author feedback since Christmas. Several companies no longer operating have been dropped from the index.There are some significant changes in the Publishing Index this month as well as some new providers. We will also be releasing some gathered data we

John Hunt Publishing

John Hunt Publishing – Reviewed

John Hunt Publishing is a UK-based publisher founded in 2001 under the name of O Books. The publisher offers traditional publishing deals and what it describes as co-operative publishing for authors. Following a reorganisation in 2010, the company now publishes approximately 300 titles per year with global sales and a focus on physical stores. One in four books


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – Reviewed

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has established itself as the single most recognisable DIY self-publishing platform for authors wanting to publish their books in e-book. Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing back in 2007 in beta form and pitched it initially to ‘publishers’ via marketing emails. Amazon had also just launched the first Kindle e-reader hardware—a basic