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Is self-publishing creating a hierarchical community for its authors?

Is self-publishing creating a hierarchical community for its authors?

Ben Dunne is an Irish entrepreneur and business tycoon and he has a slogan to encapsulate his business philosophy. It’s a philosophy and marketing approach I’m seeing more and more from self-published authors. The slogan used by Dunne across many of his business ventures was actually originally attributed to Jack Cohen, founder of Tesco, a


When Self-Publishing Advice Should Never Include a MUST

Many TIPM readers will know that I am a great fan of Joel Friedlander and his advice and work as a book cover designer for self-published authors. I rarely disagree with Joel’s advice, but his post this morning on his website left me a little lost for words.   Why Writers Must Self-Publish Their Books   That’s


The Key Book Publishing Paths 2.0 | Jane Friedman

Some TIPM readers will remember when I featured Jane Friedman’s excellent infographic on 5 Key Publishing Paths in June of this year. I wrote this article about the infographic and shared some thoughts on it. It led to some comments and discussion with Jane, here and elsewhere, and a lively and lengthy debate on how


Guest Post: You don’t need social media for sales! | Jon Cantin

It seems like every second word out of some marketers’ mouths somehow involves social media in one form or another. It has almost become the default and seemingly essential buzzword to get people’s attention! Companies big and small have jumped on this bandwagon, which I think is a rapidly fading fad, and authors are being


Self-Publising in the United States 2007-12 | Some Report Analysis

Bowker is the leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions for the publishing industry. Last month it released a detailed six-page report on self-publishing. Self-Publishing in the United States, 2007-2012 is the result of data gathering and analysis based on ISBN output by service providers and micro-publishers in the USA over a period of


Self Publishing or going Traditional? A Writer’s Dilemma | D.G. Kaye

Self Publishing or going Traditional? A Writer’s Dilemma (via http://dgkayewriter.com) I came across an article the other day on the debate of self published and traditionally published and once again I read about the berating at self pubbers and how our works can only be considered secondary to traditionally published because they are…   Mick


Guest Post: Whoopee! Reflections Of A Rookie Writer | Douglas Burcham

TIPM gets a great deal of guest post submissions. Most of them never make it past the first look in our inbox, primarily because they are unsuited to the content of the magazine, and often because they are nothing more than promotions for books, services or some kind of marketing nonsense. The core of a