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Publishing for Disillusioned Writers (Part 1) – Chris Thomas | Guest Post

Publishing for Disillusioned Writers (Part 1) – Chris Thomas | Guest Post

All over the world people who think they’ve got something interesting to say are busy scribbling with whatever materials they have to hand, be it on paper, making marks in the sand with a stick, chalk on slate or chiselling the letters on a slab of rock. All such methods have been used at one


Content Marketing Tips for The Publishing Industry – Jessica Davis | Guest Post

This is the era of digital marketing and among the different types of online marketing, content marketing reigns supreme. Along with social media marketing, content marketing has worked brilliantly to produce excellent results for companies both big and small. Content marketing is much subtler than other forms of marketing and is considered more trustworthy by


What to Expect from Indie Publishing – Cynthia Griffith | Guest Post

So you’ve finally finished that novel you’ve been talking about writing for years, or maybe you’ve just finally started talking about writing it. If you’ve investigated the indie publishing scene, you might have encountered some rather unpleasant rants about the downside of the process. Before you write off the idea, bear in mind the fact


Self-Publishing Conference UK – Notes From Douglas Burcham | Guest Post

Authors Douglas Burcham shares some short notes on this year’s UK Self-Publishing Conference held in Leicester on March, 30th 2014. Although not a current user of Troubador Publishing I attended their second Self Publishing Conference UK yesterday having enjoyed and benefitted from my attendance last year.  The other attendees seemed to be having a good


Self-Publishing and Community Experts: Are We Getting The Balance Right?

My two most recent articles on TIPM dealt with a perceived hierarchical structure in self-publishing exacerbated by publishing experts pushing a very distinct interpretation of what good self-publishing is. I also questioned just who is really in charge of self-publishing and what their motivations are for the good of all authors. While it’s therapeutic for


Guest Post: Alternative Publishing and Self-Publishing | John Hunt

The Geneva Writers’ Group (GWG) is a non-profit group with links to International PEN, the International Writers’ Residence at the Château de Lavigny, the Paris Writers’ Workshop and the International Women’s Writing Guild. Founded in 1993, GWG brings together over 200 English-language writers from 25 countries. Its objective is to encourage all forms of creative writing in


Driving toward the Maass of Shit Volcano and dealing with it

When I was writing a recent article for TIPM about an emerging hierarchy I perceive in self-publishing between savvy and entrepreneurial authors and those authors who perhaps approach self-publishing for fun and pleasure (you can read the article here), I wanted to explore a number of other issues on my mind, but I felt it