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MH 370: When to Publish? | A Simple Case Study

MH 370: When to Publish? | A Simple Case Study

There are some important benefits to self-publishing for authors who choose this path, not least the ability to be in complete control of a project from the process of writing the book right through to the execution of a marketing plan. This freedom of control brings with it many important decisions, but I believe the


Last Word on 12 Publishing Shakers

Let me just say in conclusion (so we might all push on with our daily deeds) that the list was not intended as any kind of definitive publishing voices ‘best of’ and it wasn’t created nor directed at a specific audience – indie authors or traditional publishing. It was meant for anyone interested in the


The 12 Publishing Shakers You Should Be Following

TIPM has compiled a list of influential people authors should be following in the world of all things publishing. No introductions. Here we go from 12 to 1, with some commentary. This is no way comprehensive. By all means add your favourite shaker to visit for essential information as a savvy author in the comments.   12. Jane


Publishing 101: The Publishers Weekly Introduction to Publishing and Self-Publishing | Book Review

Rachel Deahl is a journalist and news director at Publishers Weekly. She has just authored and published an e-book about the choices and paths facing writers when they have completed a manuscript; Publishing 101: The Publishers Weekly Introduction to Publishing and Self-Publishing. The book is intended to demystify the publishing process and offer writers a real-world take on what actually happens


Digital Minds Conference | Hybrid and Author-Publishers (VIDEO)

The London Book Fair organisers have made much of the Digital Minds Conference sessions available on their YouTube channel. I’ve selected one of my highlight sessions on Hybrid and Author-Publishing, featuring Director of Author & Publisher relations at Amazon, Jon Fine, and indie and hybrid best-selling author, Hugh Howey, and Orna Ross, indie author, founder and Director


Self-Publishing Round Table | Transitioning From Traditional to Self-Publishing

The Self-Publishing Roundtable started out as a joke between five strangers on Twitter. It’s one of a few excellent video podcast resources along with Self-Publishing Podcast 101 and a must-visit point for independent authors exploring the world of self-publishing, whether you are a seasoned author or on the first step of your writing journey. We enjoyed commenting


Digital Minds Conference Keynote Speech – Anthony Horowitz | LBF14 – Monday

Ahead of the first official day of the London Book Fair 2014 tomorrow, British author Anthony Horowitz delivered the keynote speech at this morning’s Digital Minds Conference at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Horowitz delivered a passionate and entertaining speech. Amazon are evil bastards–I loathe them, I fear them, but I use them all


TIPM Coverage of London Book Fair 2014

It’s a big week coming up for the publishing industry with the London Book Fair. As always, TIPM will be covering events next week from London and what’s relevant for indie authors and small publishers in the industry. I haven’t had a chance to check what events and seminars might be live streamed—one area the