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Last Word on 12 Publishing Shakers

Last Word on 12 Publishing Shakers

Let me just say in conclusion (so we might all push on with our daily deeds) that the list was not intended as any kind of definitive publishing voices ‘best of’ and it wasn’t created nor directed at a specific audience – indie authors or traditional publishing. It was meant for anyone interested in the


Book Marketing Advice for Self Publishers [Infographic] | Discount Books Daily

A collection of some of the best book marketing advice for self publishers. The infographic comes via Discounts Books Daily. Click Read More for the infographic. Presented by Discount Books Daily Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If you found this review or article helpful, but you’re still looking for a suitable self-publishing provider to fit


USA Author-Publishers Will Pay More for ISBNs

There are many costs assigned to self-publishing a book, everything from paying an editor, cover designer, book formatter, conversion service fees for digital editions and maybe even marketing and public relations specialists. You may choose to opt for a one-stop-shop publishing service and pay a single fee for your book’s publication. Alternatively, you may go


Warning About Using For Kindle Promotion

There are growing concerns in the author-publishing community about the operation, activities and claims made by over the past month. The website was registered and set-up in December 2013 and offers authors and small publishers the opportunity to “offer your Kindle Books to our 635,148 hungry readers, and get up to 24,350+ free downloads or


Practical Tips for Authors from Publishing Consultant Mick Rooney | Gigaverse Interview

This week, Gigaverse, an online learning resource that teaches people how to earn an income (and eventually make a career) out of their talents, hobbies, and passions, interviewed me on the topic of author-publishing. Gigaverse taps a wide field of information and resources and has already interviewed Catherine Ryan Hyde, Hugh Howey, Erin Brown, Lyn


The Meatgrinder and eBook Publishing

Mark Coker, the CEO and founder of Smashwords, calls it The Meatgrinder. So much so, he happily—and rightly—refers to Smashwords’ file-crunching e-book conversion application by the same name. It may be the bane of many self-published authors frustrations and late nights, but Coker never meant the process of loading a book file to an online