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Publishing Service Index: What it is and how to best use it

Publishing Service Index: What it is and how to best use it

When we posted the latest Publishing Service Index earlier this month, we had a great deal of feedback and many comments and questions about how the data is compiled for the index. What struck me about some of the comments was how some authors interpret and put it to use in their search for a


Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Advent Edition: Dec 8th – 24th | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham completes his 2014 advent post.    Monday, December 8th – Use different points of view and tenses Ever since reading about Joe Lampton… “There wasn’t a damn thing I couldn’t do!” in John Braine’s Room at the Top, I have loved using the first person in my writing. I do this almost by


Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Advent Edition: Dec 1st – 7th) | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his series: How to write fiction – Part two. Back to writing and reading for pleasure. I cannot put off the content of this writing for pleasure post any longer. The nitty-gritty technical aspects have to be faced. In the previous posts in this series I have urged readers thinking about being


Should You Self-Publish or Go Traditional? [Infographic] | The Write Life

Author Henry Hertz created a questionnaire to help other authors break down the crucial elements involved when choosing to self-publish or go the traditional route. Writing resource portal The Write Life liked Hertz’s questionnaire so much it turned it into an infographic. Hertz explained that he wanted to convey the big differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing. My


Last Word on 12 Publishing Shakers

Let me just say in conclusion (so we might all push on with our daily deeds) that the list was not intended as any kind of definitive publishing voices ‘best of’ and it wasn’t created nor directed at a specific audience – indie authors or traditional publishing. It was meant for anyone interested in the


Book Marketing Advice for Self Publishers [Infographic] | Discount Books Daily

A collection of some of the best book marketing advice for self publishers. The infographic comes via Discounts Books Daily. Click Read More for the infographic. Presented by Discount Books Daily Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If you found this review or article helpful, but you’re still looking for a suitable self-publishing provider to fit


USA Author-Publishers Will Pay More for ISBNs

There are many costs assigned to self-publishing a book, everything from paying an editor, cover designer, book formatter, conversion service fees for digital editions and maybe even marketing and public relations specialists. You may choose to opt for a one-stop-shop publishing service and pay a single fee for your book’s publication. Alternatively, you may go