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Writers Be Warned: Has Bookbzz Buzzed Off? | Helen Hollick | Guest Post

Writers Be Warned: Has Bookbzz Buzzed Off? | Helen Hollick | Guest Post

British historical fiction author Helen Hollick shares her negative experience of using one book marketing company.    I’m not sure if I’m disappointed, angry or red-faced embarrassed. Either way I owe all my friends and readers a profound apology. Remember a few weeks ago I was asking nicely (well OK also threatening with a rather


TIPM Q&A Interview: Sarah Taylor – Troubador Publishing

This is the second of our TIPM Q&A interviews featuring people from the publishing industry with a particular focus on The Future of Publishing today. This week TIPM caught up with Sarah Taylor, Marketing Manager at Troubador Publishing, Editor of The Self Publishing Magazine and co-organiser of the Self-Publishing Conference UK.  Sarah joined Troubador in 2010


Social Media Tips for Self-Published Writers – Jessica Davis | Guest Post

Being a self-published writer is challenging because it comes with the added difficulty of marketing yourself and your publications online. Unlike mainstream publication houses who have a plethora of resources at hand such as TV interviews, advertisements, radio, newspapers and more to market an upcoming book, self-published authors have very limited resources to work with.


Royalties: The Seduction of Self-Publishing

Royalties: in a publishing world where there are so many new and old business models, the word gets some serious abuse and misuse and can leave authors pretty confused. In the strictest sense, royalties or a royalty paid to an author is a percentage of revenue earned on book sales. Most traditional publishers pay royalties


Writing and reading for pleasure – The Narrow Road to the Deep North | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his series of articles on writing and reading for pleasure with a follow up to last month’s post – A picture is worth a thousand words?   The Narrow Road to the Deep North In my last post I mentioned the start I had made to reading Richard Flanagan’s 2014 Man Booker