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Grosvenor House Publishing – Reviewed

Grosvenor House Publishing – Reviewed Titles – 293 Titles – 298 Grosvenor House Publishing is based in Surrey, England and one of its directors is successful self-published author Graham P. Taylor. The English vicar self-published Shadowmancer in 2002, a children’s novel, and in less than a year, Taylor had signed deals with Faber UK and Penguin Putnam

Eoin Purcell’s Article – Self publishing as a threat to niche

Eoin Purcell has written an excellent article today on his blog about the effects self publishing is having on small and medium sized traditional publishers, particularly DIY services like Blurb and Lulu. “Eoin Purcell works and lives in Cork where he is Commissioning Editor with one of Ireland’s oldest independent publishers Mercier Press. Prior to


Author Solutions Purchase Trafford Publishing

Author Solutions Inc has continued its acquisitions of author solution companies with its latest deal. ASI has bought Canadian based Trafford Publishing, adding them to a large stable of companies which now include, AuthorHouse, iUniverse and recently acquired Xlibris. ASI is owned by Bertram Capital, a private-equity management company. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Self Publishing Reviews

There is an interesting posting going on over at selfpublishingreview about this article by mrsgiggles. This is an interesting debate. Why? Because it goes to the heart of what remains different about indie book reviews and the reviews we see in the mainstream press on books. As has been said above, mainstream reviews in


Adventures with Blurb – Part Two

The very mention of the word ‘Blurb’ seems to send authors into an immediate comparison with DIY author solutions service, Lulu. While it is understandable, I still see one highly established company pitted against a young pretender. These modern day forces in the author solution world have emerged from different corners of the DIY self-publishing