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Melrose Books – Reviewed

Melrose Books – Reviewed Titles – 200+ Titles – 200+ Melrose Books is a division of Melrose Press, who, for many years, published biographical books through the International Biographical Centre. Melrose Books is their imprint for their system of partnership publishing between author and publisher. “Melrose Books is a new venture from Melrose Press, the renowned


Domtom Publishing – Reviewed

Titles on – 9 Titles on – 7 Domtom Publishing is a recent newcomer to the author solutions scene. They are based in West Sussex in the UK. They describe themselves as ‘…literally a breath of fresh air to book writers’ and were founded by people from the ‘print industry’ with over 30

Self-Publishing Book Expo – November 2009

With the London Book Fair almost upon us next week, it is fitting that Self-Publishing will get its own Book Expo for the first time this year. The project is the brainchild of Diane Mancher, a publishing professional for twenty years, and Karen Mender, who served as VP Associate Publisher and Marketing Director and Publicity


Lulu Poetry Launched – Reviewed

Hot on the heels of Lulu’s recently introduced assisted publishing packages, Lulu today launched Lulu.poetry. Built upon Lulu’s successful tools and widgets platform, Lulu.poetry offers many of the same publishing options, including their ‘Publish by Lulu’ and ‘Publish by You’ options. “Whether you’re a professional writer compiling your magnum opus, a talented weekend poet sharing


Lulu – New Publishing Packages

Lulu has launched some new assisted publishing packages which they say are aimed at the authors who wish to focus their time on promoting and marketing their books rather than the nuts and bolts of putting their book together with Lulu’s on line tools. This does suggest a subtle change on Lulu’s publishing strategy. The


Eprint – Reviewed

Eprint is a printer and offer author solution services for authors who want to self-publish. The company is based in Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland and has been in business for 14 years. Eprint support their own on line bookstore and feature several tiles on the main webpage. “Whether you want to publish a book to give


Chandler Book Design – Reviewed

Amazon Titles – N/A (Bespoke Book Designer & Printer) Chandler Book Design is based in Norfolk, England. Their core business is book design, but they offer authors intending to self-publish several different book service solutions. They do not support an on line bookstore of their own, but their main homepage does feature some of


Grosvenor House Publishing – Reviewed Titles – 293 Titles – 298 Grosvenor House Publishing is based in Surrey, England and one of its directors is successful self-published author Graham P. Taylor. The English vicar self-published Shadowmancer in 2002, a children’s novel, and in less than a year, Taylor had signed deals with Faber UK and Penguin Putnam

Eoin Purcell’s Article – Self publishing as a threat to niche

Eoin Purcell has written an excellent article today on his blog about the effects self publishing is having on small and medium sized traditional publishers, particularly DIY services like Blurb and Lulu. “Eoin Purcell works and lives in Cork where he is Commissioning Editor with one of Ireland’s oldest independent publishers Mercier Press. Prior to