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Pubslush: Crowdfunding for Authors |

Pubslush: Crowdfunding for Authors |

One of the biggest areas of development in the author-publisher arena is community crowdsourcing. While we have online places like Kickstarter and Indiegogo for all kinds of new business start-ups and projects, it’s a big challenge to make a success of a dedicated platform for authors to seek funds for book publishing. Founded in 2011


Book Country Launch Curated Kickstarter Page

Penguin Random House continues to oversee the expansion and development of Penguin Group’s self-publishing imprint and writing and reading community, Book Country. Penguin has just announced the launch of ‘a curated’ page for Book Country on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding program. Brandi Larsen, Book Country Director, announced the news this week on the community’s blog: We wanted to give


Kobo Suspend Distribution of All Self-Published Titles

Following on from our TIPM Weekly Brief this morning, Kobo, an e-book distributor, has taken the decision to suspend the distribution of all self-published titles from its catalogue. It is understood that this decision only involves its UK online bookstore, and the decision follows a previous move to remove books loaded from the Digital2Draft e-book


Albury Books UK Purchases Rights to Collapsed USA Self-Publisher Vantage Press

TIPM has learned in recent days that Albury Books, an Oxford-based publisher in the UK, has purchased the right to use the Vantage Press name, one of the USA’s oldest self-publishing services. Albury Books, only recently registered and launched, is part of The Imago Group, an international book and print production services company.  TIPM was the first to report last year on


Wattpad Launches its Crowdfunding Program For Authors

Wattpad, one of the leading writing communities with traffic of 16 million visitors every month, has announced the launch of a Kickstarter-style fan-funding program for self-published authors. While Wattpad makes much play on this new crowdfunding option as an original for its writing community, it certainly is not the first, even as a dedicated program for


A Brave New Self-Publishing World For

For the past couple of years I’ve written a number of articles on the publishing and author services sectors in mainland Europe, and while e-book growth lags behind the US and UK markets, Europe is due a pretty big shake up soon. I’ve also taken a particular interest of the Dutch market because this is where I


Honey, I Turned the Penguin into a Partridge!

Penguin Books continues its global expansion into the global self-publishing service sector in partnership with Author Solutions (ASI). Pearson, owners of Penguin Books, bought the giant self-publishing service provider last year for $116 million from Bertram Capital. Just recently Penguin Books revamped and relaunched its own self-publishing imprint, Book Country, courtesy of ASI’s technical development