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The Bookseller UK Partner With Nook Press For Self-Published Title Showcase

The Bookseller UK Partner With Nook Press For Self-Published Title Showcase

The Bookseller magazine in the UK has partnered with Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing platform Nook Press to preview self-published titles in a sponsored review section called Independent Author Preview from October. This will be an exclusive program for Nook Press titles and is scheduled to run through to April 2015. The new feature is designed to preview books from indie-authors and provide


Reedsy Launch Marketplace and Publishing Platform for Self-Published Authors

Reedsy is a new start-up, digital self-publishing platform for authors. It is launching with an invitation to publishing professionals to join its marketplace. The company—financially backed by Seedcamp and Scottish publisher DC Thomson—will begin its second stage of launch in a few weeks when it allows authors to sign up and link with Reedsy’s marketplace of book professionals. The first titles will


Writing Postcards in Blood: The Economics of Community

Irish award-winning writer Julian Gough has decided to use crowdfunding for his forthcoming book in an unusual way. We are becoming used to some writers turning to crowdfunding sites like Pubslush, Authr, Unbound (crowdfunder and publisher), and of course one of the most familiar sites, Kickstarter—though Kickstarter is not specifically aimed at writers. However, Gough


Blurb Puts Its Big-Boy Pants On!

If DIY self-publishing platform Blurb was celebrating a birthday today—it would be 21! The company was actually founded in 2005, but today, Blurb finally got the keys to the house and put its big-boy pants on. In 2008 I described the company as something of a sleeping giant of the self-publishing services world. The company has


Amazon Finally Roll Out KDP Pre-Order Facility

In what will be a very welcome move by Amazon, KDP authors have begun reporting that a pre-order option now appears on their dashboards for new e-books. This has been one of the biggest requests from independent authors using the online retailer’s self-publishing platform. Until now pre-ordering of e-books was only a facility available to


Frankfurt Expands Self-Publishing Events for 2014 Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fairwill expand its programme of self-publishing events at this year’s fair in October. The move reflects the growing presence of self-publishing solutions companies, self-published authors and related seminars and discussions at international book fairs. This year Frankfurt will host a full two-day program sponsored by Nook Press, IngramSpark and Kobo. Authoright, a provider


Publishers Aren’t Paying Authors Enough: Howey and Coker | Bloomberg TV

Broadcast on Bloomberg TV on July 30th, hybrid author Hugh Howey and Smashwords founder Mark Coker discuss Amazon’s e-book pricing in light of its current dispute with Hachette. (Read More for Video) Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If you found this review or article helpful, but you’re still looking for a suitable self-publishing provider to