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Anyone Fancy a Random Penguin? It’s A Done Deal! | Penguin Random House (Updated)

Anyone Fancy a Random Penguin? It’s A Done Deal! | Penguin Random House (Updated)

Bertelsmann and Pearson have confirmed talks are underway to combine their respective publishing divisions, Random House and Penguin. Some weeks ago on TIPM’s Facebook page I posted that we would soon see some major changes in the publishing industry. The discussions to merge the two largest publishers in the industry is further signs that we are entering a serious


Book Review: The Publishing Business: From p-books to e-books by Kelvin Smith

The Publishing Business: From p-books to e-books (Kelvin Smith) Readers of The Independent Publishing Magazine will know that we don’t do many book reviews here. In fact, over a period of five years, I think we have reviewed less than six books, and two of those reviews were editions of Mark Levine’s Fine Print of Self-Publishing.


John Oakes of Or Books on Disintermediation

I’m currently researching a piece at the moment on control, disruption and discoverability in the publishing world, so I was certainly interested to come upon this piece by John Oakes of Or Books on Amazon and disintermediation which appeared late last week on Publishers Weekly. I’m all for large publishers embracing the digital revolution – in-house as


Abbott Press – Reviewed

Abbott Press is an imprint owned and run by Author Solutions Incorporated. Abbott Press was originally launched in January 2011 in a partnership between Writers’ Digest and Author Solutions. I made a brief mention of the newly formed partnership and press release here. Back then, the launch was greeted with a mixed reception much in the way WestBow


American Booksellers Association Support Random House Agency Move

This has been late breaking news and just come in the past couple of hours. Below is the response from the American Booksellers Association to Random House‘s move to finally adopt the Agency agreement on the sale of e-books to retailers.  Image via Wikipedia From the ABA’s website: “On Monday, February 28, the American Booksellers Association indicated its strong


The Authors Guild Enters the Ring on Wylie Agency

The US Authors Guild has responded for the first time on the moves by the Wylie Agency to launch a digital publishing imprint and strike an exclusive deal with Amazon. In the statement released this morning, The Authors Guild say that publishers have brought the current situation on themselves and are ‘governed by old publishing