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Best of 2012 TIPM: Is Self Publishing A Real Option? By Mike Welham

Best of 2012 TIPM: Is Self Publishing A Real Option? By Mike Welham

This is a repost of the best of 2012 on TIPM. Enjoy the festive season… My first book was published by a mainstream publisher in 1989 and titled Combat Frogmen. It was non fiction and unique in that nobody had written about the subject since the Second World War. It sold well and was even


Vantage Press Declares Closure to Creditors | PW

Publishers Weekly is the first in the industry trade to report on the closure of Vantage Press. Vantage Press, one of the original ‘vanity’ publishing businesses, has closed three years after its acquisition by media investment banker David Lamb. In a letter to creditors received by PW, law firm Hendel & Collins of Springfield, Mass. writes,


The Write Lines | Podcasts with Sue Cook

I first mentioned Sue Cook’s excellent The Write Lines on TIPM almost three years ago. Back then the programme was a BBC Radio Oxford production aimed at writers and publishing and ran for two years before sadly disappearing from the BBC schedules. However, Cook, a veteran television and radio broadcaster and author of two mainstream novels, kept


Guest Post: Online Publishing with a Twist | Amanda Meuwissen of BigWorldNetwork

Combining ebooks, audiobooks and eventual paperbacks in episodic eSeries, may be the new television for books. Guest poster and Managing Editor at BWN, Amanda Meuwissen explains: is The eSeries Network, a new kind of publisher offering serialized online publication of fiction and non-fiction, audio versions of all eSeries episodes, and eventual compilations to


Indie Publishers Back Agency Model, Criticize DoJ Deal | Publishers Weekly

Indie Publishers Back Agency Model, Criticize DoJ Deal: “Nine independent publishers have combined to file joint comments objecting to the pending settlements of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit with Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster related to e-book pricing. The publishers noted that while they continue to sell e-books under the wholesale model, they have


The Future of Publishing 2020: Disruption

I’ve been preparing these articles for a while on The Future of Publishing 2020. One thing I have learned is that predicting the future based on current practices and trends is a precarious business. The publishing industry–as a community and business–is undergoing an utter sea change in methodology and ideology not seen since Gutenberg’s first