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Vantage Press Declares Closure to Creditors | PW

Vantage Press Declares Closure to Creditors | PW

Publishers Weekly is the first in the industry trade to report on the closure of Vantage Press. Vantage Press, one of the original ‘vanity’ publishing businesses, has closed three years after its acquisition by media investment banker David Lamb. In a letter to creditors received by PW, law firm Hendel & Collins of Springfield, Mass. writes,


How To Avoid The Vanity Publishing Trap

Over the weekend TIPM received an email from an author expressing frustration with trying to navigate the minefield of submission while trying to secure a home for his/her manuscript with a reputable publisher. The email went something along the lines of: “I have read your description of XXXXXXX [publisher name redacted] as a vanity publisher. Can you advise me how to


John Oakes of Or Books on Disintermediation

I’m currently researching a piece at the moment on control, disruption and discoverability in the publishing world, so I was certainly interested to come upon this piece by John Oakes of Or Books on Amazon and disintermediation which appeared late last week on Publishers Weekly. I’m all for large publishers embracing the digital revolution – in-house as


Web Seminar Debates How Self-Publishing Will Lose Its Stigma | Publishers Weekly

Web Seminar Debates How Self-Publishing Will Lose Its Stigma: But first, about those aforementioned bestsellers? Panelist and author Jason Pinter expressed his frustration at always hearing the same few names repeated as examples of how lucrative self-publishing can be. “What annoys me is that the same names are always used: Godin, Konrath, Hocking, The Shack,”


PW: Two Self-Publishing Stories That Led To Success

Two Originally Self-Published Picture Books Hit Their Strides “Self-publishing ventures turned into very different publishing experiences than expected for two first-time authors. Jennifer Fosberry and Cheryl Kilodavis, each inspired by one of their own children to pen a picture book, followed divergent paths to get their books into print, yet their publishing stories had similar