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AuthorHouse UK – Reviewed (Updated, March, 2010)

Amazon.co.uk Titles – 50,000 Amazon.com Titles – 44,100 http://www.authorhouse.co.uk AuthorHouse are one of the largest flagship author solution services with 50,000 plus titles available on Amazon UK. AuthorHouse was founded in 1997 and is owned by Author Solutions US who also own iUniverse and Wordclay. Further expansion in 2009 for Author Solutions has led to


Janus Publishing – Reviewed

Janus Publishing, based in London, England, describe their company as a co-partnership publishing house. http://www.januspublishing.co.uk/ “After more than forty years in the publishing trade, our founder established Janus Publishing Company in 1991. We currently publish more than forty titles a year, many by previously unpublished authors.” “Our Approach At Janus, we look to nurture new


AuthorHouse USA – Reviewed (Updated, March 2010)

http://www.authorhouse.comhttp://www.authorhouse.co.uk USA & UK based Amazon.com titles – 42,000Amazon.co.uk titles– 49,700 Standard Package starts at $599++ AuthorHouse have been providing self publishing services for authors for many years. They remain one of the heavy-hitters of the self publishing industry, are owned by Author Solutions, who also own iUniverse, and have the largest slice of self

AuthorHouse Courts The Establishment With Referral Program

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that AuthorHouse has been making a particularly worrying use of their Referral Program. This type of program is used by a number of large self-publishing service providers using digital POD (print on demand) to authors. Here is AuthorHouse’s own description of the Referral Program. The following links are from

The Curious Tale of the Explosive Lulu Books

You may not know the author Jared Ledgard but it would appear his self published books have been attracting some attention over the past year in newspapers here in Ireland and the UK. Here is a link to a news item in The People UK newspaper from January, 2008, by journalist, Daniel Jones. http://www.people.co.uk/news/tm_headline=diy-bomb-manuals-on-sale-with-the-groceries-at-tesco&method=full&objectid=20291628&siteid=93463-name_page.html Oddly,