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Grosvenor House Publishing – Reviewed

Grosvenor House Publishing – Reviewed

http://www.grosvenorhousepublishing.co.uk/ Amazon.co.uk Titles – 293 Amazon.com Titles – 298 Grosvenor House Publishing is based in Surrey, England and one of its directors is successful self-published author Graham P. Taylor. The English vicar self-published Shadowmancer in 2002, a children’s novel, and in less than a year, Taylor had signed deals with Faber UK and Penguin Putnam


Best Practices in POD Publishing – Writersweekly

Angela Hoy over at Writersweekly has posted an excellent article on ‘Best Practices’ for POD publishers and companies offering author solution services. I have touched on a lot of these best practices here, but Angela has a lot more too, particularly on the issue of royalties. Here is the link to that article:http://writersweekly.com/the_latest_from_angelahoycom/005273_03252009.html Also, my


Trafford Publishing – Reviewed

“Success in PublishingA dream of publishing a book as you envision it can never become a reality unless you find a company that believes in making dreams come true.” http://www.traffordpublishing.co.uk Trafford Publishing is one of the largest author solution service companies in the world using print-on-demand digital print technology. They are a Canadian company but


Better Book Company – Reviewed

Amazon Titles – N/A http://www.thebetterbookcompany.com/ The Better Book Company is located in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. They were founded in 1999 with the specific intention of assisting authors who wish to self publish their own work. “The Better Book self publishing Company is committed to a policy that offers a straightforward and open working relationship.