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Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 2

Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 2

There are many variables and choices along the self-publishing road, whether an author decides to use author solutions companies like AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Infinity, Xlibris, Mill City Press or the many others using POD (print on demand) technology. Some publishing overlords will snipe from the hedgerow on our road and argue and catcall to us that

POD Self Publishing & Independent Publishing Forum – Launched

It is the week for launches, and without further ado, hot on the heels of POD TV here yesterday, comes POD Self Publishing & Independent Publishing Forum. While the site here remains a tremendous resource (I hope) of information for authors, the format simply does not allow for the free-flowing debate and comment on the

POD, Self Publishing Reviews Part 2 – Vanity & the Typewriter

A vanity publisher is: “any company which charges a client to publish a book; or offers to include short stories, poems or other literary or artistic material in an anthology and then invites those included in it to buy a copy of that anthology.” (British Advertising Standards Authority Advice Note, Vanity Publishing, July 1997) When

POD Best Practices – Angela Hoy with Wise Words

“The reason so many large POD publishers have bad reputations, and the reason they rarely respond to public criticism, is because they don’t care. They really don’t. Their business model is to cram as many authors through their doors as they can, and to squeeze as much money out of each author as they can.


Melrose Books – Reviewed

Amazon.co.uk Titles – 200+ Amazon.com Titles – 200+ Melrose Books is a division of Melrose Press, who, for many years, published biographical books through the International Biographical Centre. Melrose Books is their imprint for their system of partnership publishing between author and publisher. http://www.melrosebooks.co.uk/ “Melrose Books is a new venture from Melrose Press, the renowned


Domtom Publishing – Reviewed

Titles on Amazon.co.uk – 9 Titles on Amazon.com – 7 Domtom Publishing is a recent newcomer to the author solutions scene. They are based in West Sussex in the UK. They describe themselves as ‘…literally a breath of fresh air to book writers’ and were founded by people from the ‘print industry’ with over 30


A. H. Stockwell (Printers) – (updated Dec 2010)

It is not too often we have a company in our review section which can boast that it was first established in 1898. A. H. Stockwell can. They have survived two world wars and all the changes that have happened in the traditional publishing industry. Things have indeed changed considerably now. Their website strikes you