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Arima Publishing UK – Reviewed (Updated Jan 2012)

Arima Publishing UK – Reviewed (Updated Jan 2012)

Arima Publishing is a UK self-publishing service based in Suffolk, England. The company offer authors ‘global publishing services’. Arima follow the business strategy most UK-based companies take and call it as it is for authors wanting to self-published a book. To be fair, Arima make no pretensions about being a grandiose publishing company. Writing a book is a

Original Writing – Reviewed (CLOSED)

NOTE: This company is closed as of March, 2016 and in liquidation. Original Writing is an Irish self-publishing service and was founded in 2006. Based in Smithfield, Dublin, the company has become one of Ireland’s most popular choices for authors looking for self-publishing packages. A couple of years ago, Garreth Bonner, Sales and Marketing Manager with


Pen Press Publishing (Indepenpress) – Reviewed (Updated – August 2012)

Pen Press is a self-publishing service operated by Indepenpress Publishing Ltd, based in Brighton in the UK. They are a publishing solutions service who offer tailor-made options across a wide range of budgets to authors from a ‘5 Book Deal’ to a ‘Full Partnership service’. What strikes you immediately about Pen Press when you browse

Timothy’s Thoughts: Review: Raider Publishing

Timothy’s Thoughts: Review: Raider Publishing “But I did see a few things that caused me to question whether they should be used. Primarily, their own website it what raised questions in my mind. In looking at the services they provide, they look very much like other subsidy presses, but the website itself looks cheap and


Choice Publishing – Reviewed (Updated Dec, 2010)

Choice Publishing is one of the few Irish author solution services and was founded in 2005. The company is located in Drogeheda, Co. Louth. http://www.choicepublishing.ie/index.htm “Set up in 2005 by Deirdre Devine and Michelle Bradley, who, having worked in the Publishing industry and witnessed the frustrations of local authors, decided to take the publishing sector


Manning Follows Marcus in Slur Campaign

Some of you may remember me earlier this year highlighting the appalling online smear campaign prosecuted on Michael N. Marcus of Able.com and Silver Sands Books. It was a harrowing experience for Michael and his family and demonstrated how easily someone can use the Internet through services like Google Blogger, Facebook and other social networking resources