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Checkpoint Press – Reviewed (Updated, Oct 2019)

Checkpoint Press – Reviewed (Updated, Oct 2019)

Checkpoint Press is an Irish publishing service based on Achill Island, off the coast of County Mayo. The company was established in 2005 by self-published author and academic, Stephen Manning. Checkpoint Press have a primary focus on non-fiction books with a catalogue of academic, research, instruction & education, inspirational, philosophical, poetry, religious, and autobiographical works,


Peeling Away The Layers of Confusion

When I first started researching the area of Self Publishing about three years ago, I was struck by the multitude of terms used both writers and publishers to define their own business. We can easily review many self publishing companies and rattle off terms like Vanity Publishing, Subsidy Publishing, POD (Print-on-demand) Publishing, Partnership Publishing and


Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 2

There are many variables and choices along the self-publishing road, whether an author decides to use author solutions companies like AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Infinity, Xlibris, Mill City Press or the many others using POD (print on demand) technology. Some publishing overlords will snipe from the hedgerow on our road and argue and catcall to us that


Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 3 or (Sheila, Take A Bow)

A comment from Sheila851 was left on yesterdays Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 2 and it was extremely thought provoking and I think very much encapsulates how self published authors feel about ‘standard’ publishing and why so many are more than cheerful to pursue self-publishing despite its stigmas and challenges for authors. Here is Sheila’s


Lulu: You Wanna Piece of Me?

DIY self-publishing service provider Lulu has set in motion a process which could see the company offering public shares on the Canadian stock market as early as next month. Last Friday Lulu filed a preliminary prospectus with the regulatory authorities in Canada. The first moves that may see shares in Lulu sold on the stock


Self-Publishing For Kids From Tikatok

Last year retailer Barnes & Noble bought Tikatok with the intention of providing a POD (print on demand) self-publishing platform for young children. The new venture is in partnership with Common Sense Media (commonsense.org), a leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving families’ experiences with media and entertainment. The partnership is intended to help Barnes