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Finally, someone admits what the Print on Demand business model really is � Behler Blog

Finally, someone admits what the Print on Demand business model really is � Behler Blog

“Personally, I’d rather know that my book would actually have distribution, marketing, and promotion rather than making sure I felt good about myself. Will the fact that I can call my publisher at home get me readers? Will it get my books on the shelves? I think not. Mr. Rozansky is trying to advocate a


Maverick House Follow Harlequin and Thomas Nelson with Book Republic Imprint

Irish publisher Maverick House look set to follow in the footsteps of US publishers Harlequin, Thomas Nelson and Hay House with the launch of what they describe as a ’boutique’ imprint, Book Republic. The new imprint will specialize in short print runs and limited editions for fiction and non fiction titles. While Maverick House will


Callio Press (BookForce UK/Discovered Authors) – Reviewed (Updated May 2011)

0 Discovered Authors (now Callio Press) is a UK publisher and provider of author solutions services since 2005. I have been aware of them for the past three to four years. The company was one of the earliest UK author solution services I took a look at, but consistently, I have had to put off reviewing


Wiley Reject AG’s Audit Proposal

John Wiley & Sons’ olive branch yesterday to authors may have brought limited progress, but today the US Authors Guild has already confirmed their own olive branch offer of a royalty audit has been rejected. Today, the Authors Guild revealed that Wiley rejected the royalty proposal which had been part of ongoing discussions this week. In


Wiley Offer Olive Branch to Authors

The current spat between John Wiley & Sons and The US Authors Guild over proposed contract changes showed some signs of hope for authors yesterday following a further press release on the publisher’s website. Wiley now say they are happy to contact their Bloomberg Press authors and discuss any concerns they have. Ultimately, Wiley have conceded


iUniverse – Reviewed (Updated, June 2010)

iUniverse was founded in October 1999, initially as a business print on demand service, but later expanded into full self-publishing services for authors. Originally, the company was based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and 49% of the company was purchased by retailer Barnes & Noble. Part of the agreement was that the top iUniverse titles would be listed


Outskirts Press Become ISBN Agent For Bowker

US author solutions service, Outskirts Press (OUT 208.18), based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that it has become an authorised agent of R. R. Bowker, the US ISBN Agency. The agreement will allow Outskirts Press to apply and assign a single ISBN’s and barcode on behalf of authors using their book publishing and marketing services. Outskirts