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Andrew Sullivan Turns Again to Blurb

Andrew Sullivan Turns Again to Blurb

Andrew Sullivan Turns Again to Blurb “For the second time, author, editor, and blogger Andrew Sullivan has taken reader content on his 10-year-old Daily Dish blog on the Atlantic Web site and created a crowd-sourced printed book published by Blurb and sold through its online bookstore. Last Friday Sullivan blogged about how the book, The


Choice Publishing – Reviewed (Updated Dec, 2010)

Choice Publishing is one of the few Irish author solution services and was founded in 2005. The company is located in Drogeheda, Co. Louth. http://www.choicepublishing.ie/index.htm “Set up in 2005 by Deirdre Devine and Michelle Bradley, who, having worked in the Publishing industry and witnessed the frustrations of local authors, decided to take the publishing sector


Or Books Founder on Mediabistro Morning Media Menu

Mediabistro Morning Media News This morning Jason Boog caught up with Colin Robinson of Or Books. You can hear the interview here and click the podcast link in the post. Related articles Revolving Door: 11.26 (mediabistro.com) The secret science fiction inspiration behind Jimi Hendrix’s music [Jimi Hendrix] (io9.com) The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media

OR Book Going Rouge

Rushkoff Goes Independent with OR Books

Best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff moves to Independent POD publisher, OR Books, and explains why in this self-written article in Arthur Magazine. Contrary to some blog post I’ve seen on the Internet, Rushkoff is not ‘self-publishing’, but has simply chosen an alternative publishing model to the tradition path. I broadly agree with where Rushkoff is coming from


Ingram to Open POD Facility in Australia

Ingram to Open POD Facility in Australia Ingram Content Group announced plans to open a networked Lightning Source print-on-demand book production facility in Australia. The new Australian POD facility will manufacture both paperback and hardcover black and white interior books and should begin operation in June 2011. Related articles by Zemanta Ingram Content Group Expands


Macmillan to Move Some Fulfillment to Ingram | PW

Macmillan to Move Some Fulfillment to Ingram Looking to lessen costs associated with its traditional print business, Macmillan has reached an agreement with the Ingram Content Group under which Macmillan will use Ingram’s print on demand and physical distribution infrastructure to manage its traditional inventory and POD needs for “long tail” titles. Macmillan will continue


Beyond Here There Be Dragons | Bait ‘n’ Beer

Beyond Here There Be Dragons | Bait ‘n’ Beer: I contemplated getting into a discussion in the past week about POD as a business model and the way it is used by self-publishing authors, POD publishers, and the wider publishing world (though many of them are uncomfortable admitting they use it for niche titles, ARC’s