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HarperCollins Launches Backlist Print/POD Program | Shelf Awareness

HarperCollins Launches Backlist Print/POD Program | Shelf Awareness

HarperCollins Launches Backlist Print/POD Program | Shelf Awareness: “HarperCollins today is launching its Comprehensive Backlist Program that will enable independent bookstores with Espresso Book Machines to promote much of the company’s backlist through a combination of “a core assortment” of printed books on the shelves and in-store “digital-to-print at retail.” The program encompasses thousands of

Original Writing – Reviewed (CLOSED)

NOTE: This company is closed as of March, 2016 and in liquidation. Original Writing is an Irish self-publishing service and was founded in 2006. Based in Smithfield, Dublin, the company has become one of Ireland’s most popular choices for authors looking for self-publishing packages. A couple of years ago, Garreth Bonner, Sales and Marketing Manager with


Pen Press Publishing (Indepenpress) – Reviewed (Updated – August 2012)

Pen Press is a self-publishing service operated by Indepenpress Publishing Ltd, based in Brighton in the UK. They are a publishing solutions service who offer tailor-made options across a wide range of budgets to authors from a ‘5 Book Deal’ to a ‘Full Partnership service’. What strikes you immediately about Pen Press when you browse


The Independent Publishing Magazine | The King is Dead – Long Live The King

POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing is dead. Long live The Independent Publishing Magazine! Regular visitors this evening will have noticed some subtle changes to the layout of the site. Over the past three and a half years I have introduced changes to the site, ranging from new design layouts to help filter out a sense


Amazon Japan Launches Print-On-Demand Program for Publishers

Image via CrunchBase Amazon Japan has launched a print-on-demand program for publishers. From the press release: Amazon.co.jp today announced a new Print-on-Demand (POD) program for Books, which dramatically expands the selection of titles available to customers and offers publishers a cost-effective way to make the broadest possible range of their authors’ titles available. Using POD