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The Best And The Worst From Bob Miller, HarperStudio CEO

The Best And The Worst From Bob Miller, HarperStudio CEO

Bob Miller, CEO of HarperStudio, presents his own predictions and trends, good and bad for 2010 and beyond in publishing, self-publishing, partnership publishing and electronic publishing in his article, It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times… The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media


HarperStudio – Overview

Bob Miller, President of HarperStudio shares his views this week with on how he sees the need for the relationship between publisher and author to become more of a partnership of commitment. […]”I believe that publishers and authors should be equal partners, sharing profits fifty-fifty, as we are doing in all of our deals


Apex Publishing UK – Reviewed

Apex Publishing Limited is an independent international book publisher based in the UK. They were first established in 2002 and offer an ‘author subsidy service’ to established and new authors. Their list of published authors very much reflects this, and thought they published a wide variety of books; they have a notable interest and commitment


Partnership Publishing – New Site From SciFi Author Clive Osborne Rapley

I came across sci-fi author, Clive Osborne Rapley’s new site which takes a particular focus on Partnership Publishing. Clive discusses his experiences using Pen Press in the UK and is currently looking to hear from other authors who have used Partnership Publishers and Subsidy Publishers. “Are you thinking of writing a book?Have you written a


Melrose Books – Reviewed Titles – 200+ Titles – 200+ Melrose Books is a division of Melrose Press, who, for many years, published biographical books through the International Biographical Centre. Melrose Books is their imprint for their system of partnership publishing between author and publisher. “Melrose Books is a new venture from Melrose Press, the renowned


Better Book Company – Reviewed

Amazon Titles – N/A The Better Book Company is located in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. They were founded in 1999 with the specific intention of assisting authors who wish to self publish their own work. “The Better Book self publishing Company is committed to a policy that offers a straightforward and open working relationship.


Janus Publishing – Reviewed

Janus Publishing, based in London, England, describe their company as a co-partnership publishing house. “After more than forty years in the publishing trade, our founder established Janus Publishing Company in 1991. We currently publish more than forty titles a year, many by previously unpublished authors.” “Our Approach At Janus, we look to nurture new