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Pan MacMillan Australia Announce Digital-Only Imprint

Pan MacMillan Australia Announce Digital-Only Imprint

Pan Macmillan Australia today announced the launch of Momentum, a digtal-only imprint, and with books from new and established authors as well as republishing out of print work. From the press release: Pan MacMillan Australia announced today the launch of MOMENTUM, its new digital-only imprint. Momentum will publish an exciting and vibrant list of new


Pan Mac launches Compass for digital backlist | The Bookseller

Pan Mac launches Compass for digital backlist | The Bookseller Pan Macmillan has launched a new imprint to bring backlist titles to readers as digital editions or print on demand titles. Macmillan Compass will be managed by fiction publisher Jeremy Trevathan and digital director Sara Lloyd. The publisher said the imprint will establish exclusive publishing


Macmillan to Move Some Fulfillment to Ingram | PW

Macmillan to Move Some Fulfillment to Ingram Looking to lessen costs associated with its traditional print business, Macmillan has reached an agreement with the Ingram Content Group under which Macmillan will use Ingram’s print on demand and physical distribution infrastructure to manage its traditional inventory and POD needs for “long tail” titles. Macmillan will continue


Gloves Off in Wylie Agency Row

I said this morning that the announcement by the Wylie Agency to circumvent publishers and use the Amazon Kindle Store to publish e-books by their leading list of authors and the author estates they represent was highly significant. I said it may be the most important publishing news to happen this year. This evening, I’ll


Amazon Make Their Mark on Agency Books

Amazon this weekend has begun its bid to make very clear to Kindle eBook customers that it had no hand or part to play in the newly introduced agency model now adopted by the five large publishing houses who were instrumental in seeing it as the primary distribution price model. Books like Twilight by Stephenie


Macmillan CEO Talks More on eBooks and The Agency Model

John Sargent, CEO of Macmillan, continues to host some very lively debate on e-books and the agency model on his recently launched blog. In yesterday’s posting he tackles some commenter points made on the site. “In traditional publishing we had three formats, each at a different price. They were targeted at specific channels of distribution and were


Macmillan CEO Speaks Out On New Blog

Macmillan have just launched a new blog and it is no surprise that the first three postings there by CEO John Sargent focus entirely on the publisher’s switch from the retail to agency model for e-books. By all accounts, looking at the comments already posted there, the debate will remain sharp and thought-provoking. In his


The Agency Model For Authors And Publishers?

Andrew Zack plays devil’s advocate in the Huffington Post with an article entitled, The Beginning of the End…of paper books. This was an article that slipped under the radar for me, but it does pose some intriguing possibilities for publishers who pursue the ‘agency model’ when negotiating contracts and terms with booksellers. To recap, the ‘agency model’ is


Return Of The Mac!

Macmillan print and e-book titles have begun to return with first-party buy buttons on Amazon’s site. No formal details have been released yet by either parties to indicate the end of their dispute, but the New York Times reports that an agreement has been reached.    The Independent Publishing Magazine | TIPM Media


Second Response From Macmillan’s CEO

Macmillan CEO John Sargent has issued a second communication using Publishers Lunch today to update ‘Authors and Illustrators’ on discussions with Amazon over Macmillan’s new agency model for e-book pricing. It is now six days since buy buttons were removed from the publisher’s listings on Amazon, and while Sargent expresses his respect for the e-tailer,