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Matador Calls Time on Poor Book Covers

Matador Calls Time on Poor Book Covers

One of the challenges for self-publishing service providers is to offer both flexibility and control for the author while still maintaining the quality of the final published book to the marketplace. Many authors who choose the self-publishing path, and find a suitable service provider, may have strong ideas on how their book cover should look. Indeed,


Matador – Reviewed (Updated, Feb 2015)

Matador is the self-publishing imprint of Troubador Publishing, based in Leicester, England. Founded in 1990, Troubador is an independent publisher of both fiction and non-fiction, with a specialist list of books on business, communication and social justice, and Italian studies. The Matador imprint was launched in 1999 and it still remains one of the leading imprints


AuthorLounge Revamps for The Great Unpublished | LBF 2013

The AuthorLounge presence at the London Book Fair has been a feature of the event for several years and this year it gets a complete revamp and will focus on unpublished authors. LBF organisers have partnered with UK book marketing and author consultancy, Authoright. I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of exhibitors specifically focused


Self-Publishing Cover Design Survey and Some Wise Words

Book cover design is something we regularly discuss on The Independent Publishing Magazine, and along with a lack of professional editing, they are two fundamental areas where self-published authors often fall short. I’ve always insisted that authors should never approach self-publishing as the poor man’s take on traditional publishing. If you do fail to invest in professional editing


Matador Launch New e-Book Services

Self-publishing service provider Matador has launched a new suite of e-book-only production and marketing services. The e-book services can be used on their own or alongside an author’s printed books and the services include copyediting, proofreading, file conversion, bespoke cover design, bibliographic data set-up and management via ONIX for Books (an industry standard protocol communication tool)


Former Waterstones Director and Self-Published Author Lands Three-Book Deal with Transworld

In 2010, Andrew Swanston, a former director at Waterstones and later a chairman of Methvens, decided to self-publish his book, The King’s Codebreaker with UK self-publishing service, Matador. Writing under the pseudonym, Andrew Douglas, the book was the first of three novels of historical fiction in a series Swanston was working on. All three books


Troubador Withdraw Matador’s ‘Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons’ Book

June 7th should have marked the official release of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons, written by Carl Toms, and published by Matador (256.20), a self-publishing imprint of Troubador Publishing UK. However, on May 27th, Troubador Publishing announced the following: “Troubador has ceased distribution of a self-published book written about Michael Jackson. Following new information that came to