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Guest Post | Successful Book Marketing Requires a Plan – M.K. Tod

Guest Post | Successful Book Marketing Requires a Plan – M.K. Tod

I am grateful to Mick Rooney for the opportunity to share these thoughts with readers of The Independent Publishing Magazine.   Many blog posts and articles have been written about the need for authors to embrace marketing activities as one of their many jobs. To do so, we need to be adept at connecting with


GUEST BLOG | Using Social Media Sites for Self Promotion

The rise of social media sites, such as Facebook and Digg, has presented publishers with an opportunity for self promotion that has never been seen before. Due to the popularity of social media sites, publishers have a huge group of people to promote their sites to. Using social media sites to promote blogs and websites


HarperCollins Partner with NetGalley For ARC Delivery

HarperCollins announced a partnership with NetGalley yesterday that will see the digital book galley service deliver ARC’s (Advance Review Copies) and digital promotional materials on the publisher’s behalf. This is certainly a welcome development, not just because of delivery streamlining, cost savings and environmental benefits, but again, because it demonstrates that there are large publishers