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Publishing Horizons: An Overview of Independent Publishing in the Netherlands

Mijnbestseller (My Bestseller) could be called the Dutch Lulu, with no upfront costs and 50% profits, and with a Lulu-like user dashboard, community and book reviews are at the forefront of Mijnbestseller’s program. What is striking on their main webpage is the request for book reviewers as much as authors looking to circumvent the traditional channels


CreateMyBook (ShopMyBook) – Reviewed (Updated, April 2018)

  We previously reviewed Unibook here on TIPM. This publishing service has since changed its trading name to ShopMyBook, which has become its online bookstore. CreateMyBook is now its self-publishing platform. The company is owned by Peleman Industries, a manufacturer of binding, laminating and presentation products for nearly seventy years. Unibook, formerly known as WWAOW, had


Bubok UK – Overview

Bubok is an online self-publishing service and bookstore founded in 2007 and has just launched a dedicated UK service this week. Bubok is marketing to the DIY self-publishing area and files uploaded must be in a PDF or doc format. Yet, the online download advice conflicts with what is stated in the press release (PDF,


RTE Liveline Self-Publishing in Ireland | Analysis and Review

Image via Wikipedia It’s always a very heartening experience for me to hear or meet self-published authors gathered in one place at a particular time, whether that space is face to face, or listening to the experiences of so many Irish self-published authors on Tuesday afternoon on Joe Duffy’s national Livelineprogramme on RTE. You can


Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0

Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0: This is pretty much one of those seminal articles that comes along occasionally that should be read by all authors (and all writers for that matter – published or unpublished). It’s not just for those considering self-publishing. It’s written by someone I have a


Lulu Blog | (Not) Getting Your Book on a Retail Shelf…and the Big ‘E’ RA-RA

Lulu Blog » (Not) Getting Your Book on a Retail Shelf This is always the kind of blog post put out by self-publishing services that irks me. The below piece is from today’s Lulu blog. “I believe that one of the biggest mistakes in any marketing endeavor is not defining a clear goal. It’s easy


Bowker Releases Preliminary 2010 Annual Books in Production Report (PDF link included)

R. R. Bowker today released preliminary figures for book production during 2010 based on their Books in Print database. Traditionally produced books rose by 5% while non-traditionally produced books rose by an astonishing 169%. Be aware that the non-traditional sector is made up by a vast majority of print on demand publishers issuing public domain titles. This