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Content Marketing for Self-Published Authors in a Crowded Kindle Marketplace – Nick Rojas | Guest Post

Content Marketing for Self-Published Authors in a Crowded Kindle Marketplace – Nick Rojas | Guest Post

You’ve written what should be a bestselling book, so now what? Marketing! Writing can be a solitary, creative process and many authors are unfamiliar with connecting with larger audiences, especially the vast number of viewers available online. To further muddy the waters, writers may see the term content marketing and assume they need to promote


Kbuuk – Reviewed

[Kbuuk simply comes from blending the words cloud and book, with an alternate spelling for uniqueness and discoverability. The pronunciation is intended to be a hard and swift K’bŏk, not Kā-bŏk or Kä-bŏk.] Kbuuk is a digital publishing platform for authors, based in Houston, Texas, and founded by Isaac Shi and Dougal Cameron in 2011.


eBooks For The Bookshelf | Boxette

Have you heard the one about the man who goes into his local bookstore and asks the assistant, ‘where are all those ebooks I keep hearing about? I can’t find a single one on any of your shelves.’ Well, the store assistant might have laughed, but Boxette, a Manchester UK-based ebook production company, is not not


Guest Post: Why I Am Moving to Kindle Land | Melissa Miller

Cover via Amazon If you would have asked me a year ago whether or not I would consider purchasing an e-reader, I would have looked you in the eye with offense and answered you with a simple, “no.” A lot has changed, though, in the past few months that have made me rethink my opinion


Guest Post | Amazon vs. Smashwords: Which Is Right for Your Book? | Sarah Rexman

Numerous writers have embraced e-book technology as a way to independently publish their books, reach new markets, and earn greater royalties for their work. Retail giant Amazon has long dominated the market for authors looking to self-publish their e-books, but it has quickly been followed by other e-book publishers, such as Smashwords, Lulu, and BookBaby.


Self-Publishing Experiences: Over Streams and Squirrel Woods – Alys Williams

It’s quite a while since we had a post from our self-publishing successes/experiences series. So, today, Alys Williams (pseudonym of author Jenny Thomas) describes her not so good experience with AuthorHouse, and her eventual publication of her beautiful book, Over Streams and Squirrel Woods, a chronicle and memoir of her relationship with her mother during


Apple Poised To Launch Self-Publishing Program This Month

Apple to launch new Self-Publishing Program later this month | Good E-Reader – ebook Reader and Tablet PC News: Reporting on Good E-Reader this morning, Michael Kozlowski has revealed that Apple will host an event in New York later in January and speculates that it may herald the launch of a self-publishing program for iBooks


Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0

Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0: This is pretty much one of those seminal articles that comes along occasionally that should be read by all authors (and all writers for that matter – published or unpublished). It’s not just for those considering self-publishing. It’s written by someone I have a


Amazon Make Kindle Books Available Through 11,000 Local US Libraries

Cover via Amazon From the press release: (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that Kindle and Kindle app customers can now borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 local libraries in the United States. When a customer borrows a Kindle library book, they’ll have all of the unique features they love about Kindle books, including Whispersync, which


RJ Keller Talks to Stacey Cochran About Her Book – Waiting For Spring

I’m currently working on a blog book tour for The Memory of Trees. I’m hoping two of my stop-offs in the coming weeks will be author KJ Keller and Stacey Cochran. Here, RJ talks to Stacey of How To Publish a Book about her book, ‘Waiting For Spring’, and the journey she took to having it published. Related