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Peeling Away The Layers of Confusion

Peeling Away The Layers of Confusion

When I first started researching the area of Self Publishing about three years ago, I was struck by the multitude of terms used both writers and publishers to define their own business. We can easily review many self publishing companies and rattle off terms like Vanity Publishing, Subsidy Publishing, POD (Print-on-demand) Publishing, Partnership Publishing and


Self-Publisher Experience Days 2010

There still remains a lot of mystification on the whole process of self-publishing and the printing of books for authors, and the latest program by one of the UK’s most notable self-publishing imprints provides a useful and educational introduction. Matador, the self-publishing imprint of Troubador Publishing UK, has teamed up with printer MPG Biddles to


Or Books Co-founder Asks: Is Amazon Really Worth It For Small Publishers?

Last week we asked; is Amazon taking aim once again on publishers? Amazon is  reported to be threatening to pull the ‘buy buttons’ once again on publisher’s books if they do not get concessions on deals surrounding the new agency model. From last week’s story: “Currently several large publishers are in negotiations with Amazon about the implementation of the