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Time We All Took The ‘Self’ From Self-Publishing

Time We All Took The ‘Self’ From Self-Publishing

In 2010 I wrote an article about Lulu, and in the title for the article, I suggested that It May Be The Time For Lulu To Drop The Self From Self-Publishing. At the end of that article I wrote the following as an explanation as to what I meant. On reflection, and in light of the following Lulu


Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #3 — The Book Designer

Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #3 — The Book Designer Featured Posts Jane Friedman presents When (or Why) Social Media Fails to Sell Books posted at There Are No Rules. “Social media is about developing relationships and a readership over the long term that helps bolster your entire career (and sales too). When people claim that social media


Sue Collier: “Author Solutions is NOT indie publishing, folks.” | Self-Publishing Resources

Author Solutions is NOT indie publishing, folks. | Self-Publishing Resources: “To start, we have “ indie book publishing leader Author Solutions.” Say what? Authors Solutions is NOT — I repeat, NOT — an indie book publishing anything, let alone “leader.” Authors Solutions is a vanity press (aka subsidy press). It is a pay-to-publish service wherein


Seth Godin and Amazon Launch The Domino Project

International-bestselling author Seth Godin and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that Godin’s new publishing imprint “The Domino Project” will publish an initial list of six titles using Amazon’s new “Powered By Amazon” publishing program. Powered by Amazon enables authors to use Amazon’s global distribution, multiple format production capabilities, including print, audio and digital, as well

OR Book Going Rouge

Rushkoff Goes Independent with OR Books

Best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff moves to Independent POD publisher, OR Books, and explains why in this self-written article in Arthur Magazine. Contrary to some blog post I’ve seen on the Internet, Rushkoff is not ‘self-publishing’, but has simply chosen an alternative publishing model to the tradition path. I broadly agree with where Rushkoff is coming from


Publishers Weekly Asks ‘Can Sales Reps Survive?’

Judith Rosen, writing in this morning’s Publishers Weekly, looks at the changing role of sales representatives at large publishing houses and smaller independent presses, asking the question, ‘Can Sales Reps Survive?’ There is a notable mention of independent sales rep, Lise Solomon, who helped the sales push for Pulitizer Prize-winning book, Tinkers, by Paul Harding, published by Bellevue Literary


IPPY Awards: A Closer Look

The Independent Book Awards (IPPY) have been announced, and this evening I had a chance to look a little closer at the many categories and medal winners. While I have a great deal of time for the IPPY’s, and it has an important role to play in celebrating independent publishing and self-published books – I