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HarperCollins CEO Condemns Wylie Agency

HarperCollins CEO Condemns Wylie Agency

The Bookseller is reporting this morning that HarperCollins is the latest large publishing house to voice its opposition to moves by the Wylie Agency to lauch a digital publishing imprint. The Bookseller piece quotes HarperCollins CEO, Victoria Barnsley: “HC will vigorously protect its rights and our authors’ interests by ensuring their work gets to the broadest possible audience.


HarperCollins Partner with NetGalley For ARC Delivery

HarperCollins announced a partnership with NetGalley yesterday that will see the digital book galley service deliver ARC’s (Advance Review Copies) and digital promotional materials on the publisher’s behalf. This is certainly a welcome development, not just because of delivery streamlining, cost savings and environmental benefits, but again, because it demonstrates that there are large publishers


The Authors Guild React to eBook Proposals By HarperCollins & Random House

The US Authors Guild has quickly responded to communications sent by publishers Random House and HarperCollins to their contracted authors about ebook royalties. The Authors Guild are advising authors that it may not be in their best interests to lock themselves into an ebook deal offering 25% royalty, particularly if the deal covers a period


Authonomy Chalks Up Fourth And Fifth Book Acquisitions

It has taken quite a while for HarperCollins‘ author network site Authonomy to prove successful for its many registered writers. The last acquisitions purportedly to come from Authonomy’s manuscript piles were the three original acquisitions announced shortly after the website’s inception. Today’s news that Terence O’Neill’s manuscript, originally titled, Never Again, is to be published


Zondervan and Baker Publishing Group Refer Rejected Authors To Authonomy

Christian book publishers Zondervan and the Baker Publishing Group are now referring all their rejected authors to Authonomy, specifically to authonomy.com/Christian, a Christian publishing community both publishers have set up there. They describe Authonomy in the headline of their press release as a ‘Free, Easy Alternative to the Self-Publishing Model’. Now, Authonomy may indeed be a

HarperCollins Restructure Sees Launch of HarperCollins Digital

HarperCollins Chief Digital Officer, Charlie Redmayne announced to staff yesterday, through a memo, the creation of a new unit within the HarperCollins Group aimed at growing their authors’ reach and revenues in the global digital marketplace. The focus of HarperCollins Digital will be to create electronic products, communities and wider consumer knowledge. The new digital