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MWA Join RWA in Sending Harlequin To The Little Boys Corner

MWA Join RWA in Sending Harlequin To The Little Boys Corner

Following the RWA (Romance Writers of America) withdrawing its rating and benefits from Harlequin last week – the MWA (Mystery Writers of America) have followed suit by agreeing to remove all Harlequin imprints from its approved publisher listings. “The Board of Mystery Writers of America voted unanimously on Wednesday to remove Harlequin and all of


DellArte Press (Harlequin Paid-Publishing) – Reviewed [CLOSED]

In future months, that is—beyond November 2009—authors who drop by the DellArte Press site will probably be oblivious of the furore which occurred when romance publisher Harlequin decided to sign up with Author Solutions and utilise them to development a paid-publishing services. Harlequin is not the first, nor will they be the last. Author Solutions already


Harlequin Backtracks On Name of Paid-Publishing Imprint After Backlash

Continued pressure from US writers’ organisations and publisher watchdogs has resulted in Harlequin announcing that it is to change the name of its new paid-publishing venture, Harlequin Horizons, launched this week in partnership with Author Solutions. Yesterday, Preditors & Editors changed its listing for Harlequin to Vanity Publisher. Today, the Romance Writers of America (RWA)


Harlequin & Thomas Nelson: Harlots Of The New Publishing Industry?

Today’s announcement by Harlequin, a division of Toronto-based Torstar Corporation and one of the USA’s top romance genre publishers, to launch their paid-publishing imprint, Harlequin Horizons, follows on from last week’s announcement of their partnership with leading self-publishing service provider, Author Solutions Inc, to launch a digital-only publishing imprint, Carina Press. Today’s news of Harlequin’s

Harlequin Announce Full-Scale Paid-Publishing Program With ASI

Harlequin have announced the launch of a full-scale paid-publishing venture in partnership with Author Solutions. This is hot on the heels of Harlequin’s new e-book imprint, Carina Press, announced last week, and will be run by Author Solutions. The new paid-publishing venture will be called Harlequin Horizons. This looks like a very similar move to Thomas


Harlequin Launch Digital Publisher Carina Press

Harlequin, one of the world’s leading romance and women’s fiction publishers has just launched Carina Press, a digital-only imprint that will trade independently of its parent publisher. First e-book titles are expected from Carina Press in Spring 2010. Initially, carina Press will focus the romance and erotica genres. They will not be adopting the traditional