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Google Editions Get Their ISBN Blocks

Google Editions Get Their ISBN Blocks

This announcement came today on foot of yesterday’s news of Google Editions opening its doors in late June/July this year. The news was a little puzzling – a case of stating the obvious – though it is something publishers out there are still extraordinarily casual about. You must assign a unique ISBN number to a


Google Launch Google Editions E-store For 2010

Google have chosen the week of the Frankfurt Book Fair to announce the launch of their ebook selling store which will rival Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. The online ebook platform store will simultaneously open in the USA, UK and Europe in the first half of 2010. Their slogan will be “buy anywhere, read anywhere”


New York Times: Sergey Brin Offers His Opinions On Google Book Settlement

Sergey Brin, co-founder and technology president of Google has expressed his opinions and support for what Google is trying to achieve with the Google Book Settlement in an article for yesterday’s New York Times entitled, A Library to Last Forever. It is a frank and reasoned opinion few–bar the most partisan–could find fault with. Brin’s


Amazon Lodge Objection To Google Book Settlement

Global online retailer, Amazon, formally lodged their objection to the Google Books Settlement in the US courts yesterday. The objection comprises of a substantial document detailing Amazon’s specific points of legal argument against the Settlement. The main points of Amazon’s objection to the agreement reached is: 1. Arguably unlawful2. Stretches the Court’s power beyond its


Google Books Settlement – Deadline is Friday

The Google Books Settlement is a highly complexed debate and it is one that POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing has deliberately not chosen to examine as we believe this should be be an informed and personal choice for published authors outside of influence from author solution services, intimidation from peers or writing workshops, or