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Opposition Group Declare Google Book Settlement ‘is dead’

Opposition Group Declare Google Book Settlement ‘is dead’

Lawyers representing the US Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers in the Google Book Settlement have formally requested the US Federal Court to postpone the date for the Fairness Hearing scheduled for October 7th. This follows last week statement by the US Justice Department that the Google Book Settlement should be rejected. Instead,


POD TV – Program 15: Google Book Digitizing Debate

This week PODTV features a fascinating discussion on Google’s project of digitizing books and the ensuing objections to the Google Book Settlement.Hosted by the Computer History Museum, this discussion is entitled ‘Information Technology and the Future of Books’. Daniel Clancy, Engineering Director of Google Books, gives us the argument from Google’s perspective and the implications


Google Waver on Book Settlement in Europe

The Google Corporation is a little unsteady on its feet at the moment and this weekend we have seen the first signs of a concession on the Google Book Settlement. The Financial Times is reporting that Google have agreed to a concession to European publishers and authors to have two non-US representatives on the board


Amazon Lodge Objection To Google Book Settlement

Global online retailer, Amazon, formally lodged their objection to the Google Books Settlement in the US courts yesterday. The objection comprises of a substantial document detailing Amazon’s specific points of legal argument against the Settlement. The main points of Amazon’s objection to the agreement reached is: 1. Arguably unlawful2. Stretches the Court’s power beyond its