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2010: Through The Wishing Glass

2010: Through The Wishing Glass

So, 2010 is but moments away. Where is the publishing industry going and where does independent and self-publishing see itself in the twelve months ahead? To be frank, the industry as a whole remains very tentative as to what lies ahead. Expect further caution and much consolidation. From what I have seen so far from


2009: The Year That Was (Sept – Dec)

SEPTEMBER Bob Miller, President of HarperStudio, shared some pertinent views in September on the future of publishing with on how he saw the need for the relationship between publisher and author to become more of a partnership of commitment. […]”I believe that publishers and authors should be equal partners, sharing profits fifty-fifty, as we


Amazon Request Rejected in Google Settlement Case

Amazon’s request that Judge Denny Chin withdraws his preliminary approval for the revised Google Settlement case in New York has been unsurprisingly rejected. Judge Chin ruled on the request yesterday and the case will now move on to a fairness hearing on February 18th. Judge Chin underlined his belief that argument against the agreement would


Google Settlement Given Court’s Preliminary Approval

Judge Denny Chin has granted the US District Court’s preliminary approval of the revised Google Settlement. The next stage will be a final hearing on 18th February 2010, which will examine the terms of the agreement and make a ruling on its full approval. The opt-out/opt-in and final objections deadline will be 28th January. November,


Revised Google Settlement Filed At Eleventh Hour

At one point on Friday it did not look like we were going to have a revised Google Settlement. Delays of several hours and attorney negotiations finally led to a revised settlement being lodged late Friday evening with Judge Denny Chin presiding over the case in the US District Court. The revised settlement, according to


New York Times: Sergey Brin Offers His Opinions On Google Book Settlement

Sergey Brin, co-founder and technology president of Google has expressed his opinions and support for what Google is trying to achieve with the Google Book Settlement in an article for yesterday’s New York Times entitled, A Library to Last Forever. It is a frank and reasoned opinion few–bar the most partisan–could find fault with. Brin’s