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The War Is Over | Eoin Purcell: Why Traditional Publishers Should Surrender To Self Publishing

The War Is Over | Eoin Purcell: Why Traditional Publishers Should Surrender To Self Publishing

I’ve pretty much kept my head and opinions out of the roaring debate on Hugh Howey’s Author Earnings reports published on his website over the past couple of weeks, and the ensuing, spewing and almost never-ending posts from all sides. I like debate, even when it gets heated, but much of what I have read is nothing


One Stop Self-Publishing Conference 2010 – Review (Part Two)

The afternoon session of the One Stop Self-Publishing Conference began with a keynote address by Benji Bennett, author and self-publisher of Before You Sleep, the first of a series of books inspired by Adam, his four year old son he lost as a result of a brain tumour. If there is one thing Benji Bennett’s


One Stop Self-Publishing Conference 2010 – Review (Part One)

The first One Stop Self-Publishing Conference was held in Ireland last Saturday at the beautiful Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, perched on Killiney Hill and overlooking the east coastline of County Dublin. Billed as ‘Everything you need to know to get your book into print professionally – in one day’, this was always going to be an


One Stop Self-Publishing Conference 2010 – Review to Come

Great day at the One Stop Self-Publishing Conference in Dublin. The highlights for me: AJ Healy‘s journey through self-publishing, Benji Bennett‘s deeply personal experience, and the wonderful, bubbly and positive Catherine Ryan Howard’s experience of social media and using CreateSpace to publish her book on working in Disney, Florida . Full review of event to


One Stop Self-Publishing Conference 2010 – Killiney, Dublin

I will be attending the first self-publishing conference to be held in Ireland this weekend – The One Stop Self-Publishing Conference at the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney, Dublin, hosted by Eoin Purcell, editor of Irish Publish News, and Vanessa O’Loughlin of the Inkwell Writers’ Workshop will present a multitude of sessions and speakers on of


The State of Irish Publishing: Maverick Style!

There is a fascinating guest blog over on Irish Publishing News which again touches on the burning question of books and literature in Ireland. In February this year Julian Gough, the Irish novelist, took a swipe at modern Irish authors for being fixated with the past, and in particular with themes and settings from 1950’s Ireland. We covered


John Boyne Hosts Information Day on Publishing at IRC

Award winning Irish novelist John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, will join a group of assembled speakers from the Irish publishing community for an information day on publishing. Boyne will host the event in conjunction with the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin this Saturday, March 20th. He is the full press release from


Is it All Fear And Loathing in The Publishing World?

There has been quite a lot of discussion over the weekend about Amazon’s positioning in the publishing world in the light of the resolved dispute with Macmillan. The words threat and fear are in ample supply from Henry Porter in the Guardian UK, Eoin Purcell on Green Lamp Media’s blog, and again in a piece


Irish Publishing 2009: The Bookseller – Eoin Purcell

Eoin Purcell, writing in thebookseller.com, takes a look at the sales and industry trends in Ireland in 2009 and what might lie ahead in 2010. At best it looks like a year of consolidation and lip-biting. You can find the article here. Further news on the Irish book market and industry can be found here.